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I tried blogging today but...

I've been sitting...starring at the blinking cursor in this blank post.  I have 74% battery.

I open a new tab in Safari.  I give Facebook a quick look over.  Wow, it looks like a friend of mine got engaged over the weekend! That's exciting.  Hmmm, what else?...I look through a couple weddings posted by my photog friends.  It's summertime, so Mondays are always full of those posts from the weekend.

I look at Instagram...shoot. My phone only has 7% battery.  I should have brought that charger.  Why are all my batteries running low?  Maybe they're just mimicking my mood.  They know it's a cloudy day...the perfect day to take it easy.

I click back to my blog tab.  That cursor is still blinking.  That post is still blank.  62% battery.  I didn't bring my charger to Starbucks...it was supposed to serve as motivation to sit down and write.

I look out the window.  There's a guy whose waiting to cross the street...his physique clearly boasts of a well used gym membership (unlike mine...I really need to try canceling that again).  He's "forgotten" to button his flapping shirt...but as the wind picks up because a storm is coming, he reluctantly gives in.

58% battery.  I really need to get a new battery for this computer.

Ugh...what should I write about?  I could post a picture of a recent shoot...I should work on that tonight when I have my charger.

There's a girl sitting a couple tables over from me...she's interviewing for a job.  I can't tell if it's going well.  I can't even tell if she really wants the job...probably a good sign that the interview isn't going well.

Sitting behind her is a guy who keeps taking pictures of his computer screen with his phone.  Is he going to Instagram? My kind of guy.

*Thunder*...we all look up.  I can see the construction worker outside say to another, "Thunder" as he points to the sky.  He pulls out his phone...probably checking the weather. Is it going to pass quickly or should they call it a day? The other guy gets on his phone...probably calling their supervisor.  At least, this is the story I've written in my head about them...for all I know, they're ordering a pizza.


I didn't know you could order a grande drink in a venti cup and ask for extra ice...thank you, Lauren! My Starbucks experience has just gotten significantly better.  I'm crunching on my extra ice.

Nat King Cole is singing to me.  It's raining.  I'm chewing ice.  I like this moment.

I remember something Jonas Peterson said to me a couple years ago as we sat at dinner in the Dominican Republic.  He leaned over and said, "Sometimes, I just stop.  I listen. I feel the condensation of the water from my cup on my fingers.  I feel the breeze on my face.  I hear the cooks in the background arguing.  Someone is laughing.  It smells humid...salty. And I just take notice of this moment.  Not for any profound reason, but just to take notice of these moments."

32%...maybe I'll pack up and go home...or for a walk.  It is raining after-all...the best time to take a walk.


Lauren Truelock said...

You're an amazing writer. I have been in this exact spot so many times and you just described it perfectly. And I love the photo! Well done friend... :)

Sarah said...

Love this...

leah said...

i was going to say exactly what my sis did. love this :) (and miss you!)

L, Ann and boys said...

ahhhh....I pictured it all...which means you are a very good writer indeed. :)

Rebekah said...

You are meant to write...we are going to make it happen

Anonymous said...

Felt as though as was right there w you Tami-it was delightful.

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