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4 moves in 4 years

I turned to look over my shoulder to see an empty room that I had called mine for the past year. As I moved the last of my things from my Dad's house today, I was thankful that I was past the point of being sad. Instead, I felt excited and content.
I'm settling into Matt and Rebekah's basement and it is quickly feeling like home. It's fun to hear "life" again as I listen to little feet run from room to room.

Here are just a couple pictures taken on moving day. When I saw my wardrobe sitting outside, I said, "I'm going to grab my camera!"
Matt couldn't understand why I'd want to take a picture of it, and I said, "How often do you see a wardrobe sitting outside?! I think it would be fun to take a picture of it!"
He just said, "You photographers sure see things differently than I do".
Later, I was carrying my ironing board outside and Matt exclaimed, "Hey, grab your camera!"
I asked why and he said, "How often do you see an ironing board outside?!"
Point taken. :)Photobucket
These two were apparently having a blast inside the wardrobe!
Thanks sooooo much for all your sweet comments on the pictures of Jeff and Janet's family!!! I appreciate all the encouragement!!! I've been absolutely amazed with everyone's support and help with helping me get things going!!!


Emily said...

Pretty, pretty pictures Miss Tami! You are so beautiful too! ;P

Heidi Rink. said...

Love the pictures tam! I have an idea for your wardrobe...remind me if I forget to tell you.

Imagine Artists said...

I LOVE the wardrobe picture. And I love that concept. I like taking "out of place" photos, too. =) Must be a photographer thing!

Your pictures are beautiful! What lens(es) are you using? It's always fun to talk around with other photo enthusiasts and see what everyone is doing... =)

Great work! I'm so excited to see what else you do!


Jenna said...

Before I even read the post I saw the wardrobe image and was like... how cool!

Def. a photographer thing.

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