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Taking a Chance on Me.

I was beyond honored and humbled that Jeff and Janet were willing to be my first real clients! I couldn't have picked anyone better had I had the entire world to choose from.
They gave me so many great opportunities when I stayed with them in India. Their entire life is a demonstration of love. I look to them as examples, mentors, but best of all, my dear friends. I love this family more than I have words or room to say.
Jeff and Janet, I'm honored to know you and that you have let me into your lives and those of your truly amazing children. They have the ability to touch a very deep part of my heart.

I love you all.

Here are just a few pictures from the day...
My ever faithful Heidi came with me as my second shooter and calming factor for my first shoot.
Four of my favorite little friends...O, how I've missed you!





Of course, my favorite shot (composition wise) of the day was shot by Heidi! She's got a great eye!
I put this one 'cause I just think she's so cute!
And of course, I can't be around a niece or nephew without getting a shot of them...thanks Will, for being such a great sport today!


Heidi Rink. said...

How fun to see your new blog! It looks so nice and fun! Excited to see where you go with it all!!!!

Jessica said...

Tami, I LOVE your new blog! Great job on your first shoot! cant wait to see more!

Rebekah said...

they turned out great tam! good job! i'm glad you had great weather and it looks like a great location!

Minders said...

You did a great job Tami! I'm excited to see more pics as you take them!

Sarah said...

Love your new blog! I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorites!! Pictures look great!!

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful pictures and a beautiful family. You did a great job. You too, Heidi:) I love seeing family help each other out.

Denise B.

Jonathan E. said...

Hey Tam...I think all of your work looks outstanding. Plus you know I am a photography expert, so a compliment from me goes a long ways in the world of photography.

Wendy said...

Good job. Beautiful kids, I love the little guys hair!

Kristi said...

Good Job Tami!

smw said...

all of the pictures on the blog are awesome! i do hope we still get to hear your thoughts and 'silly nothings'. :)

Abby said...

Are you kidding me?!?! Beautiful! Fantastic job. Seriously awesome.

Alesa said...

You did a fantastic job, Tami! So excited for you!!

Kristen said...

Great job, Tami! What a beautiful family!

Jenna said...

You did a great job! You should have seen my first session. :)Its amazing how easy it is to improve just by staying on the web and looking on flickr or forums or something. You want a good place is clickin moms .com. Great resource! Anyways, good luck with your business!

(I'm Sarah F.'s friend and neighbor..and photographer. :) )

Janet Mamagee said...

Thank you, my dear Tami for sweet words and your patience with us during the shoot.

We CHERISH you and I am anxiously awaiting dates for our lunch!!

You did a fabulous job - my kids actually look sweet in the pics :).

hugs, my dear

Amber said...

So obviously I'm a little late in the praise . . . : )


Your pictures look great Tam and I, too, love the new site.

We may just have to have you over someday. You'll have to get all your rates figured out! : )

love ya!

Daish said...

so, how far will you travel to take pictures? would five hours be ok?

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