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Fun in the Sun

Well, I thought I'd post some pictures as it feels like it's been a while since I've posted!

This past Sunday, our family went over to my Dad and Rika's place for some pool fun and dinner. It was great to relax and hang out and of course...practice some photography. :)

Little Doozer taking a break from all the swimming. We laughed at the bow and Matt said, "That bow doesn't even stay in for a day at church, and here she's swimming and it doesn't fall out!"
I'm sure Matt will be thrilled that I'm posting this picture of him sleeping! :)
Photobucket To say that Josh and Darci are big fans of their Uncle Jarod would be a huge understatement!!!

Photobucket Kenz came over for the evening as well!!! Good friends, family, grilling, and a pool. Does life get much better? :)

Photobucket Bek and Aria snuggling after Aria woke up from her nap. I think it's cute that you can see Rika in the background smiling at them!

Rika, relaxing by the pool. She's so beautiful and sweet!!! I'm so glad she's a part of our family.
Photobucket It was cute, I looked over just in time to catch this sweet moment between Will and my Dad! My Dad is simply crazy about his grandkids. Gotta love the wife beater my dad's sporting...:)

Another cute picture of both Will and my dad.

It simply wouldn't be summer without seeing this...

(I love how she's holding her little puppy...that little thing goes with her everywhere!)Photobucket
Heidi...my beautiful sister!
Probably my two favorite pictures from the day. This sounds cheesy, but I feel like I'm very inspired by light. When I look at pictures, I feel like I can get really excited about good lighting...and the light on Sunday was perfect, and she's such a little beauty, so I have to admit, I was excited with how these pictures turned out.



Heidi Rink. said...

LOVE the pictures Tam!!! You are doing such a great job of taking pictures!

THe ones of Aria are my favs too!

megs @ whadusay said...

Thanks for sharing Tami - I love the last one especially and the ones of Will and your Dad! :)

Minders said...

Great pictures Tam! I LOVE the last one of Aria!

Kristi said...

Love the pictures Tami!

Anonymous said...

Tam, you continue to amaze me with your photography, and I love that we share nieces and nephews (I claim Will) so I get to see frequent pics of them!

Jonathan E. said...

Those pictures of Aria at the end are absolutely beautiful. They are only topped by the beauty of a small Japanese grandfather sporting a wife beater.

Jenna said...

I can relate with the light thing. I love your conversions, especially on the last two.

Carmen O. said...

aria is so drop dead gorgeous! i have to admit i always thought your dads wife beaters were funny too! youre doing a great job tam tam!

arlan and katie said...

great pics Tam-Tam!
My favs are of Will & your Dad...and oh, Matt sleeping!

Anonymous said...

the pictures of aria are beautiful...what a doll..great job tami..looking forward to the 12th


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