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Have I told you lately...

...that I love you?

This past Sunday, I packed up my camera and shootsac and headed out to Indiana with Leslie (who had volunteered to ride out with me and act as my assistant) to take pictures of this beautiful couple! Jaret and Sharlin are my cousins and they agreed to let me practice on them as I need to build my portfolio of "couples". They have been married for a little over 10 years (am I right on that, Shar?)...and still radiating love for eachother and setting an example of marriage...of which this world needs more.

Leslie and I got out there around 3:30, started shooting around 4:00, and I think we were done around 4:30. I don't know what my deal was that I felt like I needed to rush through that shoot! I felt like I couldn't take the pictures fast enough. I don't know what gets into me when I take pictures that I fly through the shoot...it was a lesson learned...SLOW DOWN. When I was done, I was flipping through the pictures and was a bit in the depths of despair as I was sure I had only gotten one useable picture. I came home and groaned about it to my sisters...who are forced to lend a constant should in my life I'm afraid!...but, thank the Lord, once I uploaded the pictures, there were about 10 that worked...still not enough for a paying client, but I got what I needed for my purposes!!!

So, a BIG thanks to Jaret and Sharlin for being such willing subjects and to Leslie for being a faithful friend and great assistant. :)

Here are some pictures from the shoot...once my website launches within the next couple weeks, you can check it out for more pictures from the shoot:





And finally...probably my favorite from the day:


megs @ whadusay said...

Tami - These pictures are SO GREAT! Shar - you look beautiful. Jaret - you do too! :)

Heidi Rink. said...

I have to say I am almost MAD at you Tami! It reminds me of when you used to cry about how you thought you flunked a test and you would come out with an A EVERY TIME!!!
You were thinking you FLUNKED out of this one, but I give it a big fat A.

Amber said...

I'm with Heidi - and here I go with a comletely "non photographer comment." : )

But there's a softness to your pictures of them, Tam, that I love - especially in that last one! I think you're doing great. : )

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness Tami! If you got all of these and only shot for 1/2 hour I think you are a ROCKSTAR!!! Seriously, they are all absolutly BEAUTIFUL!! It makes me want to hang their pictures in my house :) Although that would just be plain weird!! :)
How fun for them to have such amazing pictures together!

Christen Leigh said...

Oh I love them! They look awesome, Tami. You guys do look beautiful! :)

So fun to hang out Sunday!

Rebekah said...

Tami, I guess Heidi and I are on the same page because I am rolling my eyes at you once again. Seriously, anyone who would have eaves dropped on our family night on Monday would have thought that these were going to be a bunch of duds. These are beautiful and I'd be ecstatic if they were my work!

Shar and jaret you guys make some pretty stunning models :)...maybe you should think about it for a side business :)

leisle deisle said...

heidi and becs i'm with you! one big fat eye roll coming from this side of the computer. and to think tam, i was feeling sad for you for nothing! absolutely awesome!

Jenna said...

That last one is so yummy. Love your posing.

arlan and katie said...

We love the pics! Great job capturing who they are Tams! Shar-you look amazing & Jaret, quite suave!

A & K

Heather said...

They are all beautiful but I especially love the last one. You've got talent, Tami!!

smw said...

i'm pretty excited about them, too, and such sweet comments from everyone. :)

Cristen said...

These are such great images! Great job!!

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