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Giving Praise

I was recently with my Aunt Cindy and we were talking about my photography. She was saying that there is a different look to my pictures and some other things and asked what I do. I told her I have no idea even what she was talking about but that I hoped it was a good thing. I told her that I don't really know what I do at all except that I know that I pray over every shoot and the difference is very obvious between the shoots I've forgotten to pray over and the ones that I do. I think every photographer has their own style and whether mine is one that people like or not, I don't know...but all I know is that I know beyond doubt that I can't take a picture well on my own. I know some people may laugh at that, but let me show you the shoots that I've forgotten to pray over...oh wait, I haven't posted those 'cause they're not good!

If there is anything good that you ever see on my blog, it really is God as I completely soak my shoots...absolutely drench them in prayer 'cause I know that I'm not a good photographer. I know that if I ask God to take the pictures, He's got a better eye and quicker reflex than anyone I know. I think He loves art and enjoys taking over the shoots! :) So I let Him. I'll admit, He lets me make mistakes ALL THE TIME but it's to let me learn and in the end, if something turned out, it's cause He had compassion on this ol' girl. :)

So, speaking of shoots, here are a few from Joe and Becca's wedding...these are mostly of the bride as I LOVED shooting her and was excited to post them. I'll post more later, but for now, here are just a few...

She's a natural...in every way. I loved it.


I love to watch a bride and groom on their wedding day...they make no excuses for their affection and the fact that sometimes it's hard for me to get their attention! I love it! :)

Absolutely beautiful sisters! As someone who has two sisters that I adore, it was so fun to watch them giggle and have fun together!

I couldn't get enough of photographing her eyes...I'll have you know, I haven't enhanced the color on her eyes..those are all for-realzy, folks!

Okay, Becca is a farm girl for sure. She had shoes on that she just wasn't comfortable in and asked if she could go barefoot!!! I loved it!!! I was so excited and loved it with the beautiful wildflower bouquet and rustic barn.

As a photographer, this was one of my favorites. I had this pose in mind for a while and was just ecstatic that Becca is always so willing to try out these poses so I can play around and have some fun!!! I'll be sure to post more of the groom in a later post as he was looking pretty good himself! :)


leisle deisle said...

i was so excited to see that last pic since the shoot! such a cool shot!

Heidi Rink. said...

Love them Tam! Such a great job and beautiful bride!

Minders said...

Fantastic job Tami! God shoots great pictures through you!! :)

Sarah said...

Love how you gave God the glory for your talent!

Klint just asked me the other night if you've had any recent posts. I said NO!!! I love seeing your name come up on my Blog list.

AMAZING photography. You DO have a unique style from others I've seen and I love it!

Thanks for using your God-given talent and letting us benefit from it :)

smw said...

so good again. God has definitely given you talent.

Janell said...

love these pics Tami!

Christen Leigh said...

God has blessed you with true talent--thanks for the reminder to acknowledge Him in everything!

Amazing pictures! Becca looks SO gorgeous, too!!

Hope you are doing swell-- as always, tell Leah hello from me! :)

Amanda said...

Becca looks so sweet and beautiful! Good shoot, Tami!

Rachel said...

It's always exciting when I see that you have a new post because I know that I'm going to see something so beautiful. God has given you such a gift and I hope you continue to take fantastic photos.

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