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Lazy, Hazy, Crazy days of Summer!

I was so excited when Mindy told me that she wanted to do the family shoot and Emack and Bolios!!! The ice cream shop in uptown Normal was a perfect fit...I love it when my clients come up with ideas for their shoots! It adds their personality into the images! The shoot was full of sun, Strawberry goodness, and color!!!




Something else I love is when a couple who's been married for a while want a shoot of just the two of them. There is something about recapturing the romance that is very sweet. I think the best quote of the day was when I asked Michael and Mindy to kiss (in public) and Michael said, "I'm an AC boy! I'm not supposed to be doing this!" Thanks for humoring me and being up for whatever I asked. :)

Also, thanks to Heather for coming along and watching the boys while we got some pictures of Michael and Mindy!





Rebekah said...

those look great tam! I especially like the first one of michale and mindy. It's beautiful! way to go!

heidi said...

Great job on the pictures Tam! Love the one of the boys eating their ice cream..they look so intent on getting it just right.

smw said...

so, so good. as always.

Minders said...

I love them Tami!! You did a great job! Thanks so much!

Sandra said...

Yes Tami...you ALWAYS do such a FABULOUS job!!

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