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Oooooh Weekness.

I hate admitting weaknesses...unfortunately, it's a common occurance in my life. My latest weakness discovered? Correction. My latest weakness admitted is that I'm not a multi-tasker. It's a terrible truth that I simply cannot stand about myself. I can't type and listen to someone talking to me (Kendra can attest to that!), watching a football game and carrying on a conversation about something other than the game just does not happen (I sound like a man!), and apparently, I can't be a photographer and a fun blogger.
Last night, I was looking over some older posts and was cringing at how bad my first photoshoots were...but I also realized that the better my pictures got, the worse my writing became! Do you remember my "Silly Nothings" blog? I miss those days. I miss Dale and Cathy, the night of the fake "bomb threat" here at work, all the fun games, and definitely all the fun comments that came with my games!
I'll admit, I made the change somewhat intentionally as I thought that I needed a more professional feel to my blog, so I should avoid blogging about my personal life and keep it "all business". Well, if you know me at all, "ALL BUSINESS" fits me about as well as a swimming suit...very badly!
So, this blog is going to be getting a more personal touch, if you don't mind. :)

I will also be announcing a contest this coming week that I've been thinking about for a year and am SO EXCITED about!!!

Keep your eyes open for it!!!


leah said...

wahoo! bring on the silly nothings! :)

hopefully, since i have the advantage of being your roommate i will win all contests...yessss!

smw said...

yay!!! woohoo!

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

loving the colored font again! love you tami!!

Sandra said...

HIP HIP HORRAY!! Bring it ON!!!

Rebekah said...

I have a silly grin on my face because I'm so happy!...and I'm loving the swimsuit analogy. :) he he

Rebekah said...

I have a silly grin on my face because I'm so happy!...and I'm loving the swimsuit analogy. :) he he

leisle deisle said...

well, GOOD! oh how i've missed those good ol' days :)

Wendy said...

A) Your photo shoots have never been bad!

2) I'm glad you are coming back! I've missed you and your take on life. This is the best news I've heard all day... ok, it's the only news I've heard all day, but still good!

Carmen O. said...

We take you as you come, Tam, either way! Love you!!


Kait H. said...

we dont need professionalism.

what is this contest? i'm so competetive.. im probably going to win. just sayin. haha

Tami said...

What a relief to know my post was a good thing! :) Didn't know if you were all going to be like, NOOOO! We thought she'd grown up! Three cheers to Peter Pan! :)

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