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Go Meat!

Commercial breaks can be annoying when I'm watching my Gordan Ramsey cooking shows on Hulu (okay, I'll admit, I faithfully keep up with Make It Or Break It as well...yeah, you may want to review my nerd post. Another case in point)! But, occasionally, there are commercials that come on that I think are so funny, so I thought I'd post a couple!

I think all these kids do such a great job, but my favorite is the Asian kid with his candy!!! What can I say, I'm partial to Asians.:)

Again, it must be the Asian thing that gets me, but this one cracks me up too!

Happy Friday!!!


heidi said...

I must be dense, but after you explained the Starburst commercial to me, it was so funny. And I love the little kids...the little boy who is holding up his bag and finally jerks his head a little towards it is so funny!

Tami said...

i thought you'd think it was funny! i'm afraid my humor is a bit quirky at times, so i'm glad you could joing in! :)

sam said...

I'm so glad to hear some one else keeps up with Gordon Ramsey cooking shows on Hulu... have you checked out the new Master Chef?

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