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I had announced a couple posts ago that I was going to be running a contest so here it is!!! I call it...
Summer Lovin'

Here's how it works...send me your favorite picture you've taken this summer to tami@tamipaigephotography.com to enter! You can send just the picture or you can title it...if there's a story that goes with it, that's great too!!!

Now, I want it to be understood that I'm not looking for amazing photography skills (although, those are awesome too)...I just want to see your summer fun! It can be a funny picture, just a picture you took that you like, something that captures what you think of as summer...anything!!!

There'll be two winners...one who is randomly picked from the pictures submitted and one that I'll pick that I think best captures the theme of the contest!

The winner of the contest will get your submission professionally printed and be featured on this blog (it'll be more fun that it sounds...trust me)! All submissions will be posted on this blog at a later entry, so by sending me your picture YOU ARE GIVING ME PERMISSION TO POST YOUR PICTURE.

The deadline is September 12th!!!

I also thought I'd post some pictures from a shoot with my nephew...

The Cubs had was in ode to Grandpa Rink!







Kasey said...

Oh my word!!! Could he possibly be any cuter! Those pictures are adorable. Fun contest. I might have to send you a picture (although I didn't take too many this summer!)

leah said...

love these pictures tam! :)

oh...and i refuse to lose this contest. (which means i need to start taking pictures now!)


p.s. hope you enjoyed sleeping in this morning...grrr...i've been out of it all day!

Rebekah said...

Oh I love that little bud! Man, he could be a little model and you could be a photographer for GAP Kids! :)

I think i've found a couple pictures that make a good summer lovin' theme!


Miranda said...

He is too adorable for words! Great pictures!

heidi said...

Tam,LOVE the pictures and we had a lot of fun with you taking these pictures! Not many people would lay on their belly in the sand for a toddler. :)You're the best!!!!

Daish said...

I agree with Rebekah...he should be a model and you a photographer for GAP Kids or crewcuts. He's just so cute it's amazing. Great pics. I want you to take pictures of my kids. :)

Sarah said...

Oh my word! I just keep scrolling up and down looking at these. He is such a little heart throb, Heidi!!

These pictures are beautiful, Tami!!

(Fun contest! I'll have to look through my pics :))

Haley said...

What a little stud Heidi! I don't think he could be any cuter!! LOVE these pics Tami!

arlan and katie said...

OH I love contests! How fun...I'm definitely telling Arlan :)

And what a cutie! Great job on capturing little William and Heidi & Jarod-you should be so proud of your little man-my has he grown up!


emilykate said...

Oh my goodness Tami, those pictures, especially the last few, of your nephew are incredible!

Fun contest idea as well!

leisle deisle said...
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leisle deisle said...

these pictures almost make me mad they're so cute! what a cutie! awesome job, tamaroo

smw said...

these are just amazing. he is SUCH a little heartthrob.

Sandra said...

Super Cute!! Heidi....keep on having kids cause you can sure make um cute!!
Tami...keep on taking pictures cause your photo skills simply ROCK!!
I'll be searching my photo's soon:). Fun contest!!

Bethie said...

oh wow...... wow... those big dreamy brown eyes!!! is he really as easy going as he looks??? submitting a pic soon!

Christen Leigh said...

Oh my word! How amazingly adorable. That hat and the little pose with him with his hands in his pocket are almost too cute for me to handle. :)

I will be browsing my summer photo collection.....

Bethie said...

i can't decide on just ONE photo to submit. do i get disqualified for sending more???

Tami said...

beth...you wont be disqualified! it's just that i'll choose which picture to submit out of all of them that you send!

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