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Whitney and Isaac

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It's been almost exactly a year since I did what is still my most popular shoot to date.
(Check it out Here!!!)

It was definitely the session that defined my style and for the first time allowed me to become a professional photographer. It's been one of my favorites as well and I've always been afraid to photograph Whitney and Isaac again, wondering if I should leave well enough alone, but also knowing that they are really just so much fun 'cause they're up for anything I ask them to do! So, I was both really excited and really nervous when Whitney asked me to do her and Isaac's engagement session.

As my cousin, my first memories of Whitney is when we'd go over to her house, she was this tiny little thing that was always doing little gymnastic tricks around the house! When she got to be about middle school age, I remember my Mom babysitting her and her sister, Kaitlin, and they would have the funnest game nights. I remember my Mom saying, "I just love those little girls! They're such a riot and just sweethearts". Whit's artistic talent soon became apparent at a young age as she would draw my sisters and me pictures! She moved to California with her family for many years and I remember being sad, feeling like they were growing up worlds away and I didn't know who they were...but she moved back to Illinois for the last part of her college years and she is not only a dear cousin but a good friend. There are few people that I feel like I can simply like all this weird quirkiness and have them "join me" as Whit. She's a beautiful, godly woman. She's got a servant's heart and has been one of my most affirming supporters in my photography...which means to much to me since I not only love but respect her taste.

I don't have a first memory of Isaac since I don't remember when I met him as I'd heard of and seen MANY pictures of him before we actually met! He has one of the most tender hearts towards little kids that I've ever seen...he has taken in and loved my little nieces and nephews like they were his own. He's also the worship leader for Eastview's "One" ministry and I think "Fuel" as well...I would describe Isaac as more of a quiet person, but when he is leading, I'm amazed by the comfort and ease that he does it and have said many times that he seems the most at home when he is leading worship.

I'm excited to see how the wedding all comes together and just pray that God will use your lives, Whit and Isaac, to reach out to the world with His love!!! Love you both!

For more of a sneak peek into Whit's personality and their story, check out Whitney's Wedding Blog at whitneyandisaacstrong.blogspot.com/

Some images from the shoot:






My personal favorite:


Rebekah said...

tam, you did such an amazing job. your subjects look dazzling and I must say, in my humble opinion...they're every bit as good as Jasmine! :)

You need to quit your day job...oh wait...your in the middle of the night job so you can do this full time! ;)

Sarah said...

These are gorgeous, Tami! Cute couple!

He looks like Leo Decaprio when he played Frank Abagnale in Catch Me if You Can. :)

Alesa said...

I know you hear this over and over again, but you are absolutely amazing! I love your style!! (PS...as I write this, there's a little gnat buzzing around me...no joke) Love you!

heidi said...

All three of you...I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!!! SO awesome! Such a great job Tam!!!! and Whit and Isaac, what can I say, it looks like she's working with professionals!

smw said...

really great again!!

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