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Laurie from Little Women said, "Our work is just mediocre copies of another man's genius"...and while I really wish and try to create art that's more than mediocre, I've found that it's really difficult to have a completely original idea of my own! Maybe it'll come with time and practice, but I use every medium I can to pull for inspiration! While I used to just watch a romantic comedy for fun, I now find myself looking for poses, ideas, and emotions that can be conveyed to my subjects in pictures! So, that's me saying that I HAVE to watch romantic comedies FOR MY JOB. :) Leap Year anyone?!

I tend to people watch a lot more to see how they interact with each other...and now that I'm typing this, I wonder how many people I've creeped out doing this! If you've seen me staring at you, just sing that old Chicago song, "You're the inspiration"! It may not make you feel better, but it's a fun song nonetheless. :)

I listen to certain genres of music while I drive to shoots and sometimes when I edit...but probably the most common ways I look for inspiration is in magazines. I study them to see how I can make it mine! Mostly, I look for feeling! I think that the bulk of my creative work actually comes before my shoot. Now granted, I'm still very new at all this, so I may be talking crazy! But for now, that's what I've found to work!

So, here's my board of inspiration:
Last year, I received one of the best presents I've ever gotten in my life! My cousin, Whitney (I just took her and her fiance Isaac's engagement pictures) made me an inspiration book!!! I absolutely could not believe the time and effort that I know it took to make this!! Take a look...

PhotobucketThere are thoughts put into every picture pasted in, every comment she wrote. I adore it.

I also use it to keep more magazine pictures that I find to be ah-mazing.
Whit, I've needed a push all along, and both you and your book have been keys to my inspiration and my style!! Love you, girl!!
PhotobucketOh, had to add a picture of my sweet TJMaxx find...my turquoise chair! :)

Happy Weekend!


Whitney and Isaac said...

ha! I almost forgot about that! I'm so glad you've found it helpful Tami! I feel honored that you mentioned it! How fun
you're biggest fan haha

Rebekah said...

from one who has had the privilidge to look through this book, it's amazing! such a thoughtful gift! i think my favorite part is whit's little comments throughout the book!

Brooke said...

OH, that chair... {swoon}. LOVE it.

Heidi Rink. said...

So glad I have my internet back so I can read your blog. Love the past few posts that I wasn't able to comment on...especially Garrison!!! Love this post too and the book and the chair and your new inspiration board! Go Tam!

leah said...

i have i ever told you that YOU are my inspiration?!


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