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The many faces of Garrison

Oh, my little man...he's started crawling! This little guys is truly one of the sweetest little boys I have ever known! These pictures of his smile and personality are truly how he is the majority of the time! I love this little guy and absolutely love being his aunt! Bek, thanks for letting me take pictures! He's such a special little boy!





Anonymous said...

thanks for posting these pics, I can't believe how big he's getting! What a doll.
A. Booxy

Vanessa - Lynn David Handbag Co. said...

Hi Tami, just wanted to jump in and say congrats on making your (a-maz-ing!) photography business a full-time thing! That's really awesome! I made the decision to be a stay at home momma once baby #1 arrives in March, so I'll be quitting a (stable) office job to grow and rely on my (not-so-stable) Etsy shop. When I read you were also taking the quit-your-office-job-for-better-things plunge to pursue your dream job I was totally inspired and encouraged. Good luck and I'll be cheering you on! :) PS - I'm a long time reader, first time commenter. Love your work!

smw said...

what a darling. :)

Mindy said...

Oh, he is SO sweet! Fantastic pics Tami!

Tami said...

Bekah! Isn't he a doll?! I love that we "share" nieces and nephews! Can't wait to see your little guy tomorrow!!!

Vanessa...thanks SOOOO much for the comment!! What a big decision, but a good one! I think your business will do great and I can't wait to see pictures of that little one coming your way! I went to your blog and LOVE IT! You're so creative and have such a fun flare for life!

Shar, I was just telling Bek that I love when you post pictures of your kids...they are the perfect combination of adorable and hilarious!

Mindy, thanks for the compliment! You're always so encouraging!

Jami said...

he is just so so darling!! great pics tam!

Tami said...

Thanks, James!! :)...I agree on the "darling"!

Abi said...

Although I fully support your want to specialize in weddings, I REALLY, REALLY wish that you weren't for the simple fact that you are SO good at taking pictures in all areas of photography! But alas, I will find someone else to take my pictures and secretly hope that someday you decide to once again do families and children. :) These pictures are wonderful!
Love ya,

Tami said...

Abi...you're awesome! Well, maybe you can save my pride and help Rebekah bid on the shoot in November! :) jk!!! If this girl can't make it in weddings, the first thing I'll do is call you up and ask if I can shoot your little guy!

Whitney and Isaac said...

I LOVE HIM! These pics are so cute!

Rebekah said...

you did such a great job capturing gare bear! i love my little buddy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tami, those pictures of our little Garrison are just precious. Isn't he a sweet heart? I can't decide which one I want to buy.

Grandma K.

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