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Chicago Engagement Shoot - Kent and Holly

"I'm in love with Kent!" she said that cold February day as she looked at me with tears in her eyes. She was giggling and holding back tears all in the same breath. I was no help as I beamed with excitement...trying to offer a voice of reason but failing miserably as I hoped and prayed that he was feeling the same way.
They had gotten to know each other on a trip to Zambia where they spent a week working with orphans. On the flight back, they had seats next to each other and the friendship was formed. In the months to follow, their friendship developed as they fell in love...and the rest, through prayers prayed, tears cried, emails analyzed :), and just good ol' fashioned waiting...as they say, is history.
As we walked along the beach, through Lincoln Park Zoo, and the streets of Chicago, I watched them. More than a photographer, but as a friend. They're in love...that's obvious. But what I noticed even more is that they not only loved each other, they really LIKED each other...as friends. I loved that.
Thanks, Kent and Holly,
for letting me come alongside you, not only as your photographer, but as your friend...in life. It's an honor to write this post to you, my friends, and to document your love story. I'm excited for your wedding and know it's going to be a great weekend!

Much LOVE to you both, my dear Holly Anne & Kent!!!














Holly's siblings were all in Chicago for the weekend, so we snapped a couple family pictures at the end of the shoot! What a good lookin' group! :)


leisle deisle said...

great pics, tam! really... great

Mindy said...

Fabulous, fabulous pictures!! Such a sweet couple!

Rebekah said...

they're all gorgeous!! I love 'em!

Daveana said...

Awe Super Cute!

Love your pictures Tami :)

Whitney and Isaac said...

CUTE!!! Such lovely pictures tam! and a lovely couple! I bet their wedding is going to be cute. Cute people always have cute weddings.

leah said...

wow. tami. wow!

i feel like you captured them and their awesome personalities so well.

you rock. they rock. wahoo!

Heidi Rink. said...

I agree with what everyone said...Fabulous shoot! Love the last one of them. And such a great family picture! And you say family shoots are not your forte'!

arlan and katie said...

excellent job Tam-Tam!

while I realize it's there 110% of the time these days, you captured that "I'm head over heels in love" glint in her eyes of Holl-Bolls...wonderful!

you have a gift my friend, a true gift-just in case you needed a friendly reminder!


Kent said...


we love the pictures!!! thanks for turning these around so quickly! the intro story was great, the weekend was great, and the pictures are great. thanks!!


Kate said...

Love the pictures Tami! Can't wait to see what you do at their wedding!

Tracy said...

i love these!! tami, as always, you did a beautiful job. Your pictures are a breath of fresh air!! Holly you look absolutely beautiful.....wowza!!:)

Anonymous said...

Love them! You did a great job, and thanks for doing a few with the family, I can't wait to see them all!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! What a great couple. Very impressed with the family picture as well. Can't wait for the wedding!


Anonymous said...

Sooo cute! Love your photography style!

Anonymous said...

Dear Holly,

Your pictures are gorgeous and so are you. Love them!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE these; i can't even pick a favorite! you do great work tami- i'm sure having beautiful subjects makes things difficult :) i can't wait to see more!

laura jean said...

these pictures are fantastic!

Sandra said...

Absolutely stunning photos!!! You do an amazing job. By far my favorite photographer!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Speechless...these are amazing and you had 2 very good looking people to photograph...I love them!

smw said...


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