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Here is a great, fun, and awesome idea my friend has

My dear friend, Sunita's mother, Sandy Kupferschmid, passed away a few years ago after fighting breast cancer.  Sandy would have been turning 50 this Saturday and whether you knew Sandy or not, we'd love for you to join us in honoring her life!  Please read the following note from Sunita as we'd love to have at a minimum 50 people involved...

December 11th is my moms birthday. She would have been turning 50. This day has been really difficult for me for the last two years. This year I want to celebrate her life I want to celebrate the amazing woman she was. I am wanting (at a minimum of) 50 people to each do 1 random act of kindness to honor her life. Not only will it pay tribute to her, but it will give me something to look forward to on her birthday.

You can do anything for anyone...your family, co-worker, students, stranger...anyone! We'd love to hear about all the special things that were done in honoring her life! So excited to hear about your experiences no matter how "big" or "small".  Please either leave a comment on this blog or on Sunita's facebook wall in letting us know about your experience!!! 

Thanks SO much for getting involved in this!


Anonymous said...

Such a great way to celebrate Sandy! I am so excited to read all the entries. Your mom would LOVE this! It's the kind of thing she would have done:) We love and miss her so much. Thanks for including all of us on her special day.
Praying for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

The "leave a comment here" link doesn't seem to be working, at least not for me.

I will do something in Sandy's memory. I loved her and she always told me that people said she looked like me. Poor thing! Of course I looked much younger then and she was much prettier than I, but I liked hearing it anyway! :-)

I'll post later what I do for an act of kindness.

Aunt Pam

Tami said...

Um, that's not a link...I meant to leave a comment on this blog! :) Sorry for the confusion! I'll change it.

Marla said...

What a great idea, for a great lady! I didn't talk to Sandy a lot, but when I did it was good meaningful talk. She always made me feel loved.

Your idea inspired me to leave a box of homemade cookies/toffee for our garbage man. I just set it in a Christmas box on top of the trash can, with Merry Christmas written on it. Sure hope he doesn't think it was trash:)

Laura L. said...

In honor of Sandy's memory, I shoveled the driveway and sidewalk for my neighbor, so when they get home tonight from vacation, it will be all clean.
With love,
Laura Lindberg

Rebekah said...

In memory of Sandy, we sent some flowers to a dear little widow who doesn't get out much.

Sandy was probably one of the most thoughtful people I personally knew. Such an inspiration to show love to others through kindness and service.

Sunita, we love you and we all miss her with you. Praying for you today and throughout the season for God's comfort in your heart!

love you!

Marcia said...

I posted on Sunita's facebook wall that I heard of a lady that was laid off her job, had back surgery and was financially hurting. I had a friend give her some money without telling her my name but tell her why I was giving it today. Of course, like I told Sunita, her Mom would have taken some food to her, cleaned her house, etc. Sandy always did so much for others all the time. It was a pleasure to do an act of kindness today. I know she is celebrating her 50th in Heaven with Kathy!! It will be a joy to join my two dear friends someday!!

Tami said...

I went to the Cheesecake Factory with Tara today and I gave money to our waitress to pay towards another table's meal. It was fun and neat to remember Sandy!!! Thanks Sunita for such a neat idea!!!

Anonymous said...

I let a young mom and her young daughter, who was on a limited time outing together, go ahead of me in line for their Christmas shopping, I made extra effort to visit with elderly couple at church, strangers to me, (complete with walker and hearing aids) and sat with them throughout the evening and enjoyed their life sharing with me, including that they lost their only daughter to cancer and this year, their only daughter in law to cancer. This Christmas, they are celebrating with joy in their hearts that they will meet these two loved ones in heaven again one day, though this Christmas will be quite small with just the two surviving spouses. Also, I gave a festive container of lady apples and kumquats this evening, all in honor of Sandy. She was such a lady and festive and joyful. Yvonne Lehman

Amanda said...

We had the unexpected opportunity to bless a poor, lonely couple yesterday. What an honor it is to be part of the body of Christ with Sandy!

I was one of many who were blessed by your mother, Sunita! Praying for your family as you continue the legacy she began.

Haley said...

We made cookies for our neighbors. We got to visit with an elderly man and bring in his paper. It was such a blessing.

We loved your mom, Sunita! She was such a blessing in both of our lives. What a great idea to honor her memory!

we love you,
Tater & Haley

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