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Leah G - Artist of the Month {January}

I am beyond excited to share this new feature that I am going to run on my blog in 2011 called...
"Artist of the Month".

I've thought about this for a loooooooooong time and am finally doing it! I'm telling you, you won't want to miss this each month.  I've got incredible artists who have agreed to answer silly questions for me...and I hope you're as excited as me to "meet" each one!!!

For January, I'd like to introduce my roommate, Leah as the artist of January.  Now, you're thinking right off the bat, "She's not an artists".  Well, because I decided to add this feature at late notice, she agreed to answer my silly questions for me! 

Honestly, she looks over and gives me critique on almost all my shoots.  I rarely post a shoot without Leah looking over it, and although, she's an easy one to please, I value her opinion so much and she would definitely be ranked at the top as one of my biggest cheerleaders for 
Tami Paige Photography.

So, without further adieu, here Leah....

1.      What is the most common nickname youre calledor your favorite? And whats the story behind the name?
Most common: 'liz' and/or 'lizzie'
The story: My middle name is eLIZabeth and growing up my dad called me 'leah lizard'. But after he was advised/scolded by someone that I may grow up with 'issues'  & could 'harbor resentment for an amphibian-nick-name', I was from then on 'lizzie'. The end.

2.      Do you consider yourself to be a risk taker?  Was moving to Illinois (4.5 hours from your home) something that your closest friends and family would say was surprising or would they say that it goes along with who you are?
Risk taker: Hmmm...I would say in general no...I tend to be on the safe/practical side of things...which can lead to boringness, I know...every once in awhile I'll have a 'risky' trick up my sleeve.
IL move: I don't think any friends/family were that surprised of me moving to IL...to live with tami--who wouldn't?!

3.      Do you tend to have a lot of close friends or are you someone who keeps a small circle of a couple very close friendships?
I would say I tend to have a lot of close friends. Some in distance...all in heart. (I'm a Hallmark card-writer in the making--tis true.)

4.      5 years ago, if you were to imagine how youre life would be in January of 2011, does it looks like it does now? 
Oh man, definitely not.  Freshman year at Purdue I'm sure I thought I'd be some crazy-super-sucessful-oh-so-very-professional CPA at a big firm in a city where I would take public transportation to the office in high heels and a business suit while sipping on my morning coffee...maybe with dark rimmed glasses and my hair pulled back all classy-like...I obviously had not taken Accounting 101 until SECOND semester...my thoughts quickly changed...even though my major didn't...??? Still confused about that...hmmm. But, nonetheless, I'm more than thrilled to be right where I am today--wouldn't change a thing....accept my major.

5.      What is your favorite season of the year and give me 3 words (or phrases) of what you think of when you think of that season.
Fall: color, brisk, BIRTHDAY

6.      Would you rather wear regular socks or knee socks? Heels or flats? Scarves or hats?
Regular socks...heels...scarves

7.      If you were to have any job other than the one you have now, what would it be? (Money or talent not being a hindrance)
I would be either a model for Tami Paige Photography, a professional karaoke singer, or a shepherdess (I'm actually serious about this last one--how fun would it be to be a shepherd?!)

8.      If you could dine with anyone famous (dead or alive), who would it be and whats one questions youd ask them or one statement youd make to them?
Zachary Levi; 'will you marry me?' Just kidding....ahh, err...kindda... :)

9.      Do you spit out or swallow your gum? <This question's for you, Bek! :)  Whats your favorite brand/flavor of gum?
Spit out the gum!...I swallow my gum only in very desperate situations where there is no trash can or wrapper in sight.
Favorite flavor: Anything cinnamon

10.     Do you prefer sweet or salty foodswhats one of your favorite snacks and do you take the time to make if for your roommate, Tami?
Sweet fo shizzle.  I love ice cream...but my FAVORITE 'snack' is CEREAL! Granola especially...you will find me eating it often...very often. And normally out of a mug.  I offer it to my roommate--but she is more of a 'popcorn' type of girl. And YES, I do make her popcorn on occasion when she is too tired and confused to stand or sit. :)

11.     Whats one thing about you that most people dont know?
For about year I had some really weird, random numbness that one doctor thought was lyme disease. Another thought I had a neck problem. Another a pinched nerve. The other 4 had no clue. I even had one lady 'read my eyes'.  I never really solved that mystery (I slowly am getting less numb--PTL!).  But through it all--I have officially voiced all my funeral arrangement opinions in case of a quick death. (hopefully if I die, you will all attend to my funeral...mother, please take heed to my every request)

12.     Is there a verse in the Bible that stands out to you right now as meaning a lot to you?
Phil 1:6, 9-11: 'I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in me will perfect it until the day Christ Jesus returns, developing and perfecting and bringing it to full completion in me.....it's my prayer that my love may abound more and more, with knowledge and discernment, so I can approve what is excellent and of real value, and be pure andblameless until that day of Christ, being filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.' (lgv-leahgerberversion)

*sigh* I'm a work in progress--thrilled He's never ever going to leave me hanging...excited that Christ will help me bring glory; praise to my Abba Father...thankful He's not done with this crazy heart of mine.

13.     Do you wear perfume? If so, whats your favorite?
I love om from gap...unfortunatly it was discontinued about 5 years ago...so anytime I'm at a Gap Outlet, I stock up! :)

14.     Do you like to travel or are you a homebody? If you like to travel, where is your favorite place youve been to? If you like to stay home, what your favorite pastime?
Love to travel! Wahoo! Hard to pick a favorite--I just love going and seeing new people and places! Favorite place: anywhere I've never been before!

15.     If you were to be a fictional character, who do you think youd be? (i.e. Bell, Anne Shirley, Little Mermaid, etc.)
What?! Anne Shirley is fictional?! Say it ain't so....say it ain't so!


Rebekah said...

so fun to read about Lizzie today! what a great gal I have living beneath my floor boards :) I'm so glad you guys are roomies! I always say, I'm like a mother hen...whenever I hear my little chicks in the basement laughing and having fun, I feel like all is right with the world and I fluff my feathers and let out a happy "bawk..." Ok. that was really creepy wasn't it?!? ha ha. let's just say, I'm always happy when I know you gals are happy roomies.

arlan and katie said...

Oh Tams, what a fun idea...love it!

and what a great 1st pic!? I mean, anybody after Leah Lizzie will most likely PALE in comparison :)

what great roomies, memories & moments...Leah, will that work on a hallmark card? ;)


emilykate said...

Best morning read I've had in awhile, thanks! I thought I wouldn't learn anything, but I did...cinnamon flavored gum...hmmm...

And now I'm secretly wishing I lived with you. Because I love being interviewed and having good picture taken. Want another roommate? :)

Mindy said...

So fun! Leah - you are great!

Sarah said...

Oh man, I can tell this is going to be one of my favorites to read. Great idea, Tami!!!

I loved the interview and laughed and laughed...this is SO Leah!!Thanks to both of you for brightening my morning!

And Liz, don't worry, we'll definitely remember to sing HOZ #64at your funeral ;)

Sarah said...

1 more thing...I just read Rebekah's comment. That was HILARIOUS!!

heidi said...

Such a great first interview to a great new post idea!

And I have to say I laughed and laughed at Bek's comment!!!! Will started laughing too, because I laughed out loud so hard...I pictured Bek in that chicken suit all the kids wear.

Klint said...

Love the interview Tami. Leah's a great gal!!! :)

Leah, I've actually thought of writing 17 new verses for HOZ#64 for your funeral. Don't worry, I've got it covered!

Rebecca, Love your comment!

Anonymous said...

Great post Tami...Mark's on the campaign to bring back "Leah Lizard" since she is now grown without "issues"!

We laughed and laughed...i could just hear Lizzie talking!!! I feel bad that now she knows Anne Shirley is fictional...i hope that doesn't bring "issues" into her life!

Rebecca, your comment just gave me such a visual!!! :)

Keep up the good work Tam Tam...this is fun!!

Barb (Lizard's Mom :)

Anonymous said...

Oh,how fun! You two are great. I'm looking forward to reading your future posts. I bet Lizzie is a fun roomie. We just love that girl. It is so cool having her living out here.

love you both tons,


Jill said...

I like that girl, Leah, yes I do! :-)

Leah, it has been so fun to have you out here! Andy and I both think very highly of you.

leah said...

haha. excited to see the REAL artists in the upcoming months! thanks for letting me think i'm one tam! it was so fun!

and klint & sarah: may your time doth softly and sweetly glide as kindly heaven smiles above...sing your heart out... :D

Christen Leigh said...

Oh my word i LOVED this! Leah, this makes me miss you. That was so fun to read... and so Leah. :)

Rebekah-- I will second everyone else and say that your comment was the most hilarious/ridiculous I think I've pretty much ever read. SO funny!! :)

Tricky said...

hahahah.....I'm a late reader but this was SOOOO fun!!! And like Christen said, SOOO Leah!!! What a good idea Tami! Glad she has you for a roomie :)

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