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They're coming home!

Most of you probably either know or have heard of Jed and Vicki from V Gallery.  They are a husband and wife team who have been extremely influential in the photography world.  They have been in the adoption process for several years now and in August, was able to travel to Nepal to bring their daughter home.  Due to unusual circumstances, they have not been able to get a visa for their daughter, so Vicki has been overseas with her and Jed has had to travel back and forth.

Since my decision to become a photographer, they have become friends of mine and have taught me soooo much about photography and the business.  I owe pretty much everything I do or know about editing to Jed just from their workshop, or watching him edit when I've gotten to work with them!  Watching Vicki on a shoot is really quite amazing...she makes it look so easy...and then turns out this beautiful artwork.  I really love them both and have tremendous respect for them!  With the frustrations of Rika not being able to get a permanent visa, God has used that to bring Jed and Vicki to my mind a lot.

Well, this morning, Vicki announced that after a 5+ month wait, they're coming home!!! I am thrilled for them, and just had to post it here! If you want to check out their blog they set up, you can check it out at NimaJade.

Pictures from the 2009 Help Portrait session...



Sandra said...

Wow tami...thanks for posting this. I just got done crying like a baby for this family. All they have gone thru and finally getting to go home and be a family. How exciting. I can't imagine what it would be like to do all they have done thus far with getting their daughter.

smw said...

i was just thinking about them this morning. thinking i needed to be checking to see if anything new has developed. thanks for the update!

jessica leman said...

this is just the BEST news! We were just talking about them last week so its super fun to hear this most wonderful news! Praise God they are coming home!!!

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