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You'd never guess from my lack of day-to-day pictures that I am a photographer.  I have a friend, Taryn who does such a good job of taking her camera with her and capturing life outside of her job as a photographer. I'd like to be more like that.  Well, after my looooong post about my soup yesterday, you'd think I'd remember to take pictures of it!
Well,...I did...this morning...after it had sat in the freezer all night!  As I sat down to post on my blog, I remembered that I never took a ta-daaaaahhh!!! picture.  So, I realize that ziplock bags full of frozen soup isn't that appetizing, but at least it's proof that soup was indeed made. :)
I'll have to post the recipe for this Cheese and Beer soup, as I'll have to admit, it was pretty de-lish! Leah also made an amazing chili soup, so watch out Inoues...you may have to add us as regular hosts to family night. :)  

Okay, so I was on Ebay just looking to see how much certain cameras run, when I saw this sale for a $2500 camera running for $0.99!!! How was this possible?! Uh-hem....that's until I took a closer look.  This is either the smartest or laziest person I've seen in quite some time.  The screen shot is probably too small for you to read but in a nutshell, what this seller is saying is, 
"I really want this camera, so will you please donate money to me so I can buy it? I want to use it for vacations and take good pictures".  
Wow. I didn't know whether to laugh, gag, or go post a similar add myself!
I read a couple of his feedbacks and those DID make me laugh! One just said, "Good luck with your dreams!" and another said, "Failed to send item as promised, good luck with this one".  Well, with only one "donor", he's at $0.99...yeah, Chrisonfire101, good luck with this dream.


taryn said...

Haha. Thanks for the shout-out! Your post actually brought me great comfort b/c lately I feel like I've been out of control with how many pictures I take in my life. I keep thinking that 1 of 2 things will happen:

1) I will get sick of taking pictures of everything and recording every moment of my life, or

2) People in my life will get sick of me taking pictures of everything and recording every moment of my life.

Anyway, I know that fear... of finishing something spectacular and then realizing there are no pictures for proof. I always tell people, I don't feel like I have fully experienced something unless I have photographed it. Sometimes, that's the only way I remember!

Anonymous said...

That's crazy! I'm surprised he even has one donor! Some kind soul!

Aunt Pam

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