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Julianne, I'm inspired

From time to time, there are pictures that jump out and grab me...this picture from a GAP add does just that.  I can't even tell you what it is about this picture that I just love so much...it literally makes me giddy.  I've had it for years but I still don't get tired of looking at it. Once I became a photographer, I tucked this image away in my head and was going to pull it out creatively when the right subject came along...
Last year, my subject came along...but in the form of an engagement shoot.  We were in the middle of the shoot, when I knew Becca was the girl for this pose, but I wasn't sure how I was going to work Joe into the pose...but it all came together and they executed it perfectly.  This is still one of my favorite pictures I've taken.
So, I thought it would be fun, from time to time, to show you pictures that inspire me and how the image turned out!  The newest addition to my inspiration board is a page out of a Talbots catalog I just got...I just think Julianne Moore just looks beautiful in these! She looks so feminine, airy, and youthful...it's not necessarily a pose that caught my eye, but just the feeling of the images! Oh, I love them.  Talbots has really stepped up their game, in my opinion...I love the picture on the right as well!  I know it's advertising the shoes and skirt, but there's something about it that shouts, adorable wedding/engagement image to me!
Remember, tonight is the deadline for getting in your Laying Down images to tami@tamipaigephotography!!!


M Photo Contests said...

Looking forward to seeing all the Laying Down images! =)

smw said...

it's fun to see inside the brain of a creative person. :) thanks for sharing.

Kait H. said...

i love theseeeeeeeee!!!!! how cool! i wanna see all the other corresponding pictures!

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