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Kait Kulture - Artist of the month {March}

I'm sooo excited to introduce this month's artist, Kait.  
First and foremost is because I just adore her! She's not only my dear cousin, but also one of my dearest friends. :) She is majoring in fashion and recently started her on Personal Style Blog....make sure to check it out at kaithuber.blogspot.com

has agreed to do some fashion segments that we'll be featuring on this blog in upcoming posts, but to get start off, she decided to do some remixing.  She chose four tops, three bottoms, and four pairs of shoes.  With these items, she remixed them to create 5 different outfits.  She let me take the pictures, and wahlaa!, here's one of my favorite shoots to date!

also sat down with me and let me interview her with the questions I have my artists answer...check out the video at the bottom of the interview! 

So without further delay, here's 
{Kait of Kait Kulture}...

For her TOPS, she chose 2 t-shirts, 1 light pink blouse, and 1 high school uniform sweater!

Striped Top - Forever 21
White Graphic -T - Forever 21
Pink Flowy Shirt - Nordstrom
Navy Cardigan - High School uniform top

Next, she chose a pair of skinny jeans, MC Hammer pants (that's right folks!), and a beautiful puffy skirt...

Black Pants - Forever 21
Skinny Jeans - Express

Her shoes consisted of a pair of boots that I'm completely jealous of, a pair of to-die-for heels (I named those myself!), adorable gold flats, and these completely funky/rocker heels...

Black Heels- Forever 21
Carmel Boots- Small shop in LA (don't remember the name)
Cream Slingbacks- Nordstrom 
Gold Flats- Ross 

Scarf - Forever 21
Beanie - Anthropologie
Jewelry - Forever 21, Nordstrom, and San Diego Accessories


Like I said, you're definitely going to want to check out and follow her blog (kaithuber.blogspot.com)!!! 
Be sure to check out this interview I did with her...it's obvious by listening that she cracks me up! 
Love ya, Kait!

Don't forget to send your Laying Down Game entries to tami@tamipaigephotography.com


Kait H. said...

tam! my clothes look so pretty hanging up like that haha! i love your photography. thanks for letting me be a part of your blog. the whole process was so fun!

Tara said...

Love the pics! During the interview, is that my loud voice in the background giving a demo to a dealer? I sound like the teacher on Charlie Brown! haha

Whitney and Isaac said...

Tara- now you know what we've had to listen to for the past 4 years! hahah

and Kait you look as lovely as ever- I wish I knew how to make fun outfits out of my crappy closet.

Whitney and Isaac said...

Oh and Tam! I Love the lighting on these pictures- very soft and chic- my fave.

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