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Product Review - Glasses

It started in the 2nd grade when I faked my eye exam and got my first pair of glasses.  They were huge...plastic...brown.  I loved those rims...still do. Eventually, I went to the small black ones...you know, those tiny ones that if you were artsy, you owned a pair.  The problem was that I wasn't artsy and they bugged me since day one.  They were so small I could hardly see anything other than the frames when I was wearing them.  

Well, I hadn't had an eye exam in 4 years but didn't think it was a problem.  Until recently, my eyes would randomly cross when I'd get tired...uh, social norms were telling me I should probably get that fixed! So, I had an appointment and realized my eyes have gotten worse {Uh, I hate getting older}.  The upside?! New glasses. So I decided I was going to get big frames this time! I was in Chicago and strolled into SEE Eyewear...and I found these frames and let me tell you, it's been SU-PERB being able to see!

Stylish? Probably not...but I'm proudly wearing them and toasting to practicality over fashion! Off with the old tiny frames, on with the big ones

This product AND See Eyewear get my A'okay!

Everyone, keep sending in your entries to the Laying Down Game!!! 

A HUGE shout out to Miranda, Kristi, Taryn, and all you AWESOME 4H'ers (Did I just make up that word?)!!! You ALL rock...LOVED YOUR PICTURES!!!

Um, I'm not going to name any names of people that wanted the extension but Bek and Leah, I still haven't gotten yours...oops! Sorry, it slipped out. :)

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Pam said...

The glasses look great on you! You look lovely, as always!

emilykate said...

Fun glasses!

Sarah said...

I'm actually glad you extended it. We are thinking and thinking of an idea...coming up short, but still thinking anyway :)

You look SO CUTE in thos glasses!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the extension! Now I can't wait to see all the pictures! :)


bethany said...

you look adorable in those glasses!

Tara said...

I love the glasses. I think they are very posh or as Whit would say totally Kardashian! haha

heidi said...

love the glasses tam! also trying to think of something for laying down game.

Kait H. said...

the picture turned out great :) next time text me in the middle of the night to help you take it. cos chances are I'm also up at 2 AM. :) super jealous of those frames. Wishing I had some myself.. for real.

Whitney and Isaac said...

Me and Kate are planning a funny laying down picture- Are we too late?

Tami said...

Definitely NOT TOO LATE!!!

leisle deisle said...


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