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My Boys are Coming Home!

...I know.  I know.  You're getting tired of hearing about my cameras getting fixed, but as I've been a photographer without a camera for the past 2 months, this is wonderful news! And you'll be happy that I can actually blog with pictures again and you won't have to put up with all my random-rambling blog posts! :)

Some exciting news for Tami Paige Photography is...I have a new addition to my little "family".  I'd been waiting for the right time (and seller) to come along, and it just seemed that the time was now.  So with that, I have officially added a Canon to my bag of equipment.  I can't even tell you how unbelievably excited I am about this! I'm sure I'll be doing a post about it in the future! With that said, I may be selling one of my Nikon cameras so keep an eye out for details on that if you're interested in buying it!

I've gotten the question, "Are you switching everything over to Canon?"
Most photographers are very loyal to one brand, but as I tend to find it hard to do things normally (and probably sensibly as well!), I'm "mixing" my brands and will sometimes shoot with my Nikon and other times with my Canon.  I love both brands and they both offer benefits to them that the other doesn't!

I'll also be doing another Q&A post next week, so if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section here or on facebook, or e-mail me at tami@tamipaigephotography.com  and yes Sarah, I'll be doing a make-up post sometime here soon! I'm stoked that you asked 'cause now I have "permission" to do one! :)


Erin said...

Welcome back boys, and WOOHOO for Canons!!!!!
Praying your day is filled with Jesus!
Love and Blessings from JA!

smw said...

please don't stop your random-rambling posts. i love them!

jessica leman said...

hmmm...I may be interested in a Nikon lens to add to my very small collection :)

vballsetter said...

I have a question for your Q & A post.
When photographing a wedding, what do you wear?
How do you dress up but still have clothing that you can move and bend in, without worry.
Dressy, comfortable shoes are also included in the question.
Anita Wilkinson

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