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Brian and Tara {Engagement}

I remember sitting on her bed watching her do her hair.  She'd had a string of unlucky blind-dates so we laughed and made jokes hoping this one would either be really good or really bad so if nothing else, it'd make for a good story!

I called her a couple days after her date, to find out that they were planning a second date...which led to a third...and before too long, this blind date had become something very real.  Brian is the kind of guy that I never thought Tara would marry, but always thought she should.  He's the perfect combination of country and city and he is a calming force in her life...trust me Tara, he is. :) 

When I'm with them, I laugh...a LOT.  With them...at them, I'm not sure which, but I always have a great time!  There's a million and a half things I could write to you, Tara, but I'll save it for the wedding weekend.  I trust you'll remain my partner in crime (or at least as much as Brian will let us get away with!) and my dearest friend.  Brian, you're hilarious and I'm so glad you're the man in Tara's life. 

Thanks for letting me come along and shoot this session!  I can see why you love the farm so much, Brian...and you're right, the corn was a good idea!

This would be Brian with both of his babies...Tara, and his tractor.  She's a beaut! 

 Great job on the action shot! Thanks for humoring me...you look great!

 Uhem...shout out to Brian for posing this shot! I'll know who to call if I need an assistant!

Remember that "perfect time of day" I was talking about? Yeah, this was it...

 If you want to get a peek at Tara's wedding planning, check out her blog at: http://caliwedding.blogspot.com/


Mindy said...

WOW!! These are AMAZING Tami!! That one with the sunlight shining through is gorgeous!!

Tara - Tell Brian he did a good job cleaning his tractor! :) Glad it wasn't dirty for such amazing pictures! :)

Haley said...

I love the kissing pic. Great sun flare Tami! All the pictures are great! I can't wait for the big day! Brian will I have to wait to meet you then? ;)

Rebekah said...


was that action shot taken on the miles long walk to find a phone? he he!

Kara A P said...

These are so great! I love the one in the tractor wheel! and the kiss with sun flare is amazing! Beautiful work.

Heidi Rink. said...

LOVE 'em!!! The pictures and the couple!

smw said...

so great. i LOVE the 'perfect time of day' one.
love you!

Janet said...

You CAPTURE them...that is a gift!

Christen Leigh said...

GORGEOUS pictures! :) I love them!

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