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Taste of my childhood

When I was a little girl, living with my family in Japan, nothing spoke summer to me like Calpico!  Typically, we weren't allowed to drink pop or sweet drinks, but on a special occasion...usually when it was blazing hot and that island humidity was at its worst, my Mom would buy Calpico.  

I can still feel the sheer joy of watching the cashier ring it up and asking if I could hold the bag that held the bottle of white delight!  We'd get on our bikes and ride home from the market and then we'd each get to have a small glass to drink. 

With summer in full swing here in central Illinois, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and went on a hunt to see if I could find a bit of my childhood at our local asian market...

Three cheers to summer, creating new memories and celebrating the old ones!


leah said...

ok, i TOTALLY saw this in the fridge and wondered what the heck it was? i thought it was some like major non-dairy skim milk and was thinking, 'ew'. but after this description, don't be shocked if it's GONE next time you check.

love you friend!

Heidi Rink. said...

Cheers to old times!!!! Ahhh....it's so refreshing just looking at it. I might have to get some for Will. I will probably dilute it like we used to. haha

Rebekah said...

such sweet memories!! i'm going to have to get a bottle next time I'm at the ol' shanghai market!!

Kait H. said...

it looks gross but i wanna taste it haha .

Whitney and Isaac said...

Hahaha kait is so blunt sometimes haha.

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