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Kenz's Wedding Weekend

I didn't take my camera with me much...just of us getting ready.  So, here are some pictures I took of us that weekend.

Teresa Blunier of Studio Blunier was the photographer for this wedding...go to her website at http://www.studioblunier.com/ and check out her work! She does flash photography, and I've got to admit, after watching her work and looking at her images, I'm inspired to learn how to shoot outdoors with flash!!! She's great!!!

At Contours Day Spa a couple days before the wedding!  Kenz with her niece on Doug's side of the family.

 The beautiful Matron of Honor...Jessica!!!  Looking quite stunning...

Heidi curled, pinned, blushed, and brushed us to make us look the best we could! Absolutely great job, Heidi-ho!!!  She was super laid back and fun...Ashley came to help too but I was just hanging out and having fun so I completely forgot to get a picture of her!!! I'm so sorry, Ashley!!! She did hair too and did an amazing job! So fun having you there this weekend!!!

 Putting on the dress...looking oh so beautiful.
 Kenz with Molly, her personal attendant!  Molly was awesome...and so fun having there!
 Final check before heading to the church.  She looked beautiful and Doug was looking great too!  Great weekend!!!


Kait H. said...

these pictures are so beautiful! kenz looks beautiful!
heidi looks so cute in that picture too!!

even though you werent the photographer you did a great job of capturing the day! so fun tam! your so great :)

Rebekah said...

These pictures are so pretty!! I'm so glad you captured these so I could get a teeny bit of a glimpse into the lovely day!

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