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Off to MI

I'm leaving today for Michigan because I have been given the huge honor of 2nd shooting for a photographer that I just love!  Mary Dougherty lives in New York with her husband but she is originally from Michigan so she is often asked to shoot weddings there, as she is doing this weekend!

I met Mary last July when she shot a wedding that I was a bridesmaid in.  We were sitting across each other during a luncheon for the bride when I found out she was the wedding photographer.  When she asked what I do, I casually told her that I was a wedding photographer as well, not really thinking anything of it.  That evening, I looked up Mary's website and immediately, I was sooo embarrassed that I'd told her I was a wedding photographer because I realized that Mary was not just good, but she was reeeeeeeeally good. 

When I got a message from her asking if I'd want to 2nd shoot with her, I had a mixture of shock, sheer delight, and a sharp nervous pain that shot through my chest.  But the answer was obvious...of course I would shoot with her.  No question about it.

So, I've got my bags packed, my car fueled, a playlist made, and I'm off to shoot a wedding!  Super excited...I'm sure I'll have more to post on it later.  Until then, I'd recommend you check out her website by clicking here.

Happy Weekend!!


leah said...

you'll be great tam!

have a safe trip! :) see you on sunday

Jessica said...

Tami, I don't know why you are so surprised that someone fabulous would want you on their team for a wedding. Your amazing...and its obvious Mary saw that immediately :) have a fun weekend! can't wait to hear about it!

Bethie said...

ditto jessica and i can't wait to see some photos!

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