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California Bound!

Wow.  I'll be posting more within the next couple weeks of my weekend in Michigan, but for now, the whirlwind continues as I'm leaving for California today to "keep the bride sane" (official job title I've been given) before my cousin gets married this coming Sunday!

I apologize for the quick, short blog post, but I've got to get scootin' and repack.  I'll be working in California too so I'll be sure to keep posting and read your fun comments! Until then, hope you enjoy a couple pictures I got from the AMAZING Eastern Market I went to in Michigan with one of my besties (wow, I'm officially back in jr. high) and her husband!

See you from California!!!


ajp said...

I miss the Eastern Market! Aaron and I used to go often when we lived there. Thanks for the pics!

Bethie said...

Now that I'm laid up and can't do much of anything........ I'm browsing my computer realizing AGAIN that my e-mail has kept another 10 of your blogposts a secret from me!! That doggone thing! :) So fun to see these market pictures and the ones of your time in CA. You havehavehave to come back again and go to Good Girls Go to Paris with us ---- we stopped in after you left and one look told me that Tami neeeeeeeds to come here! :)

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