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Reality Check...

Sometimes it comes in the voice of a niece or nephew of mine.  Sometimes it comes in a look I get or a a gentle correction...but it's always good to get a reality check from time to time.  It most recently came in some "behind the scenes" images that Leslie took for me at a wedding we recently shot. 

I was looking through her shots thinking I'd use the shots for some Q&A post, but I realized that they just answered some Q&As of my own like...

Q: Are my legs really that white?
A: Check
Q: Was my dress really that tight?
A: Check

Q: Do I need to work on communicating my thoughts clearer and be more interesting?
A: Check.
Q: Is it time I make an appointment to get my hair trimmed?
A: Check.

Thanks for the reality check, Leisle! It was very needed! :)


smw said...

you are so funny. i would never have thought any of those things.

emilykate said...

This is funny, although honestly, I think you're being a bit hard on yourself. :)

heidi said...


mary dougherty said...

haha i have had some of those same thoughts when I see pics of myself shooting a wedding. I think I look a lot cooler but it usually doesn't end up being that way

leisle deisle said...

am i really this BAD at finding something creative to say in response to your (awkwardly) funny post?



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