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Day 1: Self Portrait

I forgot to mention in my last post that I think it would be fun if you'd want to join in on this 30 day Photo Challenge with me! (It's okay if you're a day or two off from me or you do a couple in a day to catch up...) Let me know if you're in, and send me your blog or instagram link and I'll post it here so we can check out your pictures for the next 30 days too! Even if you don't want to do all 30 days, and just want to do a picture now and then, let me know! We'll link to your picture...Hey, for my birthday?...I'm just sayin'...Wow. I need to start using that excuse more! :)

DAY 1: Self Portrait
Okay.  So, technically, I don't think this is a self portrait as I didn't take this picture...or even know it was being taken for that matter!  But, we're just going to go with this 'cause I haven't figured out how to take a picture of myself! 
My sister, Rebekah (aka my second shooter) caught this picture of me from a wedding we shot this past Saturday.  And NO, I'm not trying to steal the groom from the bride...just feeling out the pose! :)  I've been known to joke about my very large personal bubble, but when it comes to shoots, all bubbles are popped!  I love that my couples never seem to complain or question me getting "all up in their grill" to show them what I want...they're awesome like that.
And just for fun, I grabbed a couple shots of my sister being the best 2nd shooter ever.  We always joke that being my second shooter is a great workout program as I make them run and carry A LOT!!! I'm not even kidding...And just look at her.  She looks so chic doing all that. I'd argue anyone that I have the best 2nd shooters EVER.


leisle deisle said...

number 1: i MISS those second shooting days! sad
number 2: i'm TOTALLY joining in on your 30 day challenge. waHOO!

Miranda said...

I would LOVE to join! Count me in the 30 day challenge! www.mphotocontests.blogspot.com

Whitney and Isaac said...

aw you look so glam Tam :-) Such a pretty girl!

leah said...

so fun!! :)

emilykate said...

I'm already trying to think of which days I can have a fun picture for...I'll let ya know!

Tami said...

So fun!!! Leslie and MIranda, I'll link you!! And Emily, I'm pretty sure I LOVE your style, so maybe tomorrow's is a good time to start! :D

heidi said...

The pictures of you and Bek are so cute! Maybe sometime I should come along as a third shooter. haha.
I will also go along with the 30 days...however, not sure how many days I will get in. And I will do instagram, since my blog is slowly dying.

Daish said...

Tam, you are so beautiful.

tracy said...

great idea!! I'm in!! here's a link to my sad blog that i started awhile ago and have never updated www.mymillymae.blogspot.com. This will be fun!!

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