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Day 2: What I wore today...

Let's just say it. Day 2 is awkward. Taking a picture of what I'm wearing and posting it to my blog feels very "not me"...I have a new found sympathy for fashion bloggers who have to do this every day. Although, I think they enjoy it. I was dressed before I looked to see what my photo challenge was today, or else I wouldn't be wearing these wrinkled shorts.  But, there you have it...it's what I wore. 

Be sure to check out the other people joining me in this challenge by clicking on their name!!!

Heidi - Heidi is going to post to Instagram, so go start following her there! If you don't have Instagram, well, it's about time you did...it's awesome! username: heidirink
This is Heidi's jeans she's wearing today (L) and what her boys are wearing (R)!

If anyone wants to join in for the remainder or take a picture now and then, just leave your link in the comments, and I'll link to it the next day!

This photo challenge makes me think of a feature my cousin, Kait (who is a fashion blogger) does every Thursday called, "Thursday Latelies".  In her feature, she talks about things that "brought her joy" that week, so in ode to that, here's my Tuesday Lately:

1. Lord, Change My Attitude, Bible Study: 
Let me start by saying that this did NOT start out as bringing me joy.  Anything but, actually! In fact, every time I was done doing my study for the day, I was just an absolute bear! It was awful.  I purposefully avoided being around people because it was just a good idea for everyone! :)  This may sound overly dramatic, but I just felt like when you go on a fast, how those first few days, all the impurities have to come out through bad breath and pimples...I know, too much info! Sorry!  But, I felt like that's what was happening with some really ugly attitudes I had that I wasn't going to get out of facing.  Needless to say, it's been SO good for me, and I'm excited about the rest of the study.  As you can tell by the name, it's very needed in my life! ;)

2. Mat Kearney, singer-song writer: 
My cousin "introduced" me to his music this past weekend.  There's something about finding a song or musician that I LOVE that just thrills my soul.  Yep, Mat Kearney is a soul thriller. 

3. Car Dancing:
You may call it "car dancing"....I call it awesome.  I'd challenge anyone to a car dance-off, and am pretty confident that I could take home the prize!  The problem is that as soon as I'm not sitting and I have to figure out what to do with my feet...suddenly, "awesome" turns to crickets. Trust me, I still manage to dance around my apartment QUITE OFTEN, but those moves are saved for me, myself and I...okay, and that one Mr. Meter Reader who saw me one time.  I'm afraid he was more embarrassed than I was.

4. Iced Carmel Lattes, homemade:
I recently got the ingredients to make iced carmel lattes at home, and it's been a delight! I assure you, they're as good (if not better) than Starbucks!  However, these delectable little drinks have also forced me to start running more.  That does NOT bring me joy. :)

5. Colored Tights, from Hue: 
An upside of not being known as a fashionista, is I don't feel any pressure to put together outfits that people like, 'cause if they wonder what I am wearing, I can say, "Hey, I don't know what I'm doing! I don't know much about fashion!" That's what I said when I bought my cowboy boots and now, when I wear my really fun colored tights I just got! Yep...red, purple, and blue.  It's okay...'cause I technically don't know what I'm doing. :)

6. The No. 200:
This is my 200th post on this blog and I love everything that represents!!


Sarah said...

Loving these posts, Tami!!!! Keep it up!!

smw said...

you and your outfit look adorable, as always.

leah said...

ahhhh!!!! this is SO fun! love it. keep them coming...and by the way, you are looking crazy cute!

emilykate said...

I love shorts with tights!

heidi said...

LOVE blog post 200!!!!

megs @ whadusay said...

Totally know what you mean about the Lord Change my Attitude bible study. It has been wipping my butt. But, on the flip side as I start to apply what I'm learning and change my attitude (what!) I have been feeling a lot more thankfulness and contentment which rocks.

Love post 200 and I echo the other comments, you and your outfit are adorbable!!

PS. I think I may go along with your photo challenge on my blog... at least some of the days. So fun!!

Anonymous said...

You look awesome, I love your outfit.
Please post your iced caramel latte recipe!

leisle deisle said...

dude, you're cool. just sayin.

Kait H. said...

Your blog is my favorite. Everything you write cracks me up! Im jealous of your tights.. I want some! :)
Also this might be my favorite blog post you've ever done! :) cos it included clothes and things you are loving.
and Your outfit is super cute! not awkward at all!

Kasey said...

I have also been doing the "Lord Change My Attitude" study... such convicting stuff!!! Its cool to know there are a number of us working on it. We will have to chat!

Kasey said...

By the way, adorable picture!!!

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