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Day 3: Clouds

There's nothing that  chases away the rain clouds like the edible kinds...
Check out the following links for more 30 Day Photography Challenge fun!!

*Miranda, for some reason, I'm not able to comment on your blog, so I thought I'd say here, that I'm loving your posts! :)

Heidi - Heidi is going to post to Instagram, so go start following her there! If you don't have Instagram, well, it's about time you did...it's awesome! username: heidirink

Some people are posting their images to facebook and linking it to my page, so you can post that way too if you prefer, or if you click here you can see their images that way too! This is sooo fun for me! Thanks everyone!!!


heidi said...


Miranda said...

Aww thanks Tam! I'll have to check in to the comment thing! :-) Happy cloudy day!

leah said...


this is so fun.

Daveana said...

Love this picture! So fun!

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