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Day 7: Fruit

My favorite kind of fruit!

Check out the following links for more 30 Day Photography Challenge fun!!

Heidi is posting to Instagram, so go start following her there! If you don't have Instagram, well, it's about time you did...it's awesome! username: heidirink


leisle deisle said...

clever. VERY clever :)

heidi said...

Ditto. ;) Loving the orange couch!!!

Marla said...

Funny, Tami!

Kristy said...

Tami. Wish I had time to be a part of this fun idea, but I'll just have to enjoy your creativity! :)
ps. Lovin' the orange couch!!

Ashley Baner said...

You have such creative ideas! I would have taken a pic of an apple. I am SO literal. That is why God didn't call me into photography! :)

Ashley Baner said...

PS~ You looked AMAZING at the wedding! WOW!

Julie Herman said...

LOVE apples!! ;)

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