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Day 8: A Bad Habit

Iced Carmel Lattes...I'm afraid I've created a bad habit this past month with making a lot of iced carmel lattes at home! They are sooooo yum!
Thanks to my sister, Rebekah, for modeling the drink for me! :)

Here's the recipe, just in case you want to join in on the bad habit! :)

3 fluid ounces brewed espresso or coffee
1 T carmel sauce
2 T white sugar
3/4 C milk
1 1/2 C ice cubes
2 T whipped cream

Place the coffee, caramel sauce, and sugar into a blender pitcher.  Blend on high until the caramel and sugar dissolve into the espresso.  Pour in the milk and add the ice; continue blending until smooth and frothy.  Top with whipped cream to serve.

I tweak this a little because I don't like all the frozen froth that rises to the top so instead of adding the ice cubes to the blender, I just pour this drink over A LOT of ice and lets it water it down a little.   I like mine a little more on the less sweeter side so I don't add as much sugar, but if you like it sweeter, follow these directions...you may actually want to add more caramel or sugar if you like it really sweet.

Hope you like it!!!

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Carmen O. said...

I was going to say: That's Bek, not you!! :) Are you impressed with my chin-recognizing skills?

Marla said...

YUM. I am definitely trying it!

heidi said...

Looks yummy!

And that is good Carmen!

Anonymous said...

Such a fun picture.
Thanks for the recipe...will be trying it now!
Love your photography and mostly you, your style, and your amazing personality!

Julie Herman said...

looks soo good!

Miranda said...

oH. yUM!

smw said...

i've been thinking i need to make myself like coffee for a low calorie pick me up. i made a lite version of this, and enjoyed it greatly. thanks! :)

Daish said...

yum!!! i'm going to try this!

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