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Day 15: Silhouette

Wow...this takes me back.  This was my first official engagement shoot I ever did...Matt and Steph.  I was scared. to. death.  I remember my first thought when meeting them was, "Oh no...they're gorgeous.  I hope they're nice..." I think back on that shoot and wonder how I came across to them...I'm sure it was apparent that I was a bundle of nerves...but they were the ideal first clients to have.  I often think back to their engagement shoot, wedding, and just them as a client...and I wish I could do it over for them.  For so many reasons, but mostly as a thanks.  It's not easy telling someone, and I'm sure even more difficult to hear, "I've never shot a wedding...you'd be my first".

I look at this picture and think and hope that I've grown a lot as a photographer.  However, I'll tell you...this probably remains as one of my very favorite shoots, and even more, one of my all time favorite pictures I've ever taken...I think it always will be.  It's probably not the best technically...but everything was raw and new.  Every pose was the first...every idea was origional.  That's a good place to be as a photographer...and I look at this image and am inspired to go back to where I started...and let myself get nervous again.  To let that push me to do something new and take a risk.

I don't know that Matt and Steph read this blog...but if they ever do, I hope they know how much I'll always love them for everything I put them through as a new photographer trying to figure out which end was up, and for the big risk they took on me.  All my love to you.

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Mindy said...

That photo is breathtaking!!

heidi said...

This picture and shoot has always been one of my favorites too!!

Rebekah said...

ditto to everything Heidi said

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