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Day 16: Long Exposure

So, I was going to do a picture of all the things I like to do by a fire...read, sleep, drink from a mug...so I posed all three of those in this picture.  But, if you look, I'm nowhere to be seen!! And as I did this at 3:00am, it was a one shot deal and I just went with what I got.  So there you have it...I'm actually all over this picture, you just can't see me 'cause apparently, long exposure makes me disappear!! :)

Happy Monday!


leah said...

love seeing those ceiling stars in the reflection of the mirror! i. heart. the. cave.

i heart you too. :)

megs @ whadusay said...

I think that is the perfect Monday post. :)

Anonymous said...

So cool! For us non-photographers, what does long exposure mean?

Tami said...

Dear Anonymous...
Usually, when you click for a picture, your shutter is open for a fraction of a second (1/100th of a second). So in that case, your picture is capturing just 1/100th of a second in time. So, when you let your shutter stay open longer (in the case of my picture, 30 seconds...VERY LONG exposure)...the images is capturing 30 seconds of time. You may have seen those pictures of highways where it's blurs of red and white from car head-lights, or night life pictures where everything looks slurred? Those are long exposure because the images is capturing a longer amount of time. Did that make sense? That's my best explanation of long exposure.

So, if I was really on top of things, I would have take a picture with movement to really demonstrate long exposure. My picture is a bad example...you can see it a tiny bit in the flames of the fire. If I had taken it at a fast shutter speed, the flames wouldn't be blurry but sharp!

heidi said...

that's so funny! Creative idea though! And at least your fire does fulfill the requirement.

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