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Day 24: Animal

The Maneki Neko (meaning beckoning cat) is a sculpture from Japan that is thought to bring good luck to it's owner.  The cat is beckoning good luck with one hand and protecting the owner's finances in the other hand.

This sculpture is extremely sentimental to me as it's all over Japan seen in places of business, and seeing it brings back so many of my best memories growing up.  This little figure means even more so now because my stepmom, Rika, bought one for me and Tami Paige Photography this Christmas!  I just LOVE it so much!!! It sits on my desk and I love to just look at it's pouty little face wishing me good fortune in 2012!

I'm not an overly superstitious person...but I have to say, I love symbolisms, legends, and cultural traditions.  I've never been a "cat person", but I've gotta admit, I love this one and the one who gave it to me!  Thanks, Rika!


leisle deisle said...

what a fun gift. now THAT's the (only) kind of cat i would enjoy :)

leah said...

oh how fun! rika gives such fun gifts!

ah...have i mentioned that it is sooo great to have you back?! :)

Rebekah said...

such a great gift!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it....so special!

Pam said...

Sweet gift from a very sweet lady!

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