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Day 23: Sunflare

I'm saying it again.  This shoot (taken about 2 years ago) will always be one of my favorites I've done.  It's not perfect...or even good by some standards.  However, there was something in this shoot that triggered something in people, and suddenly, I had people giving me a shot at being a professional photographer. 

I remember standing in an open field without any shade and I wasn't sure what we were going to do. I held up my camera when this sunflare shot through my lens...I didn't know how it would photograph so I clicked...and I've been in love with sunflares ever since.  

It's impossible for me to look at this picture and not say a thanks to Whitney and Isaac for taking a chance with me.  They wore their love for each other on their faces and let me capture it.  Thanks, Whit and Isaac.    


leah said...

agree to agree! i remember seeing this picture and being like "WOW!"

emilykate said...

love it!

leisle deisle said...

gotta say. one of my absolute favs

heidi said...

I agree with with Leah...WOW! Still love it...and always will.

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