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Resolved in 2012

I've done it all.


I've made resolutions to do it all.  I was going to lose 100 lbs, run a half marathon,  become an amazing cook, read 52 books, travel to 3 countries, host every weekend, stay in touch with out-of-town friends, teach myself guitar, buy a film camera and learn to shoot with that, be able to do the splits (I'm not giving up on that one!)...you name it, I said it.

It goes without saying that I fit the very unimpressive stereotype of starting out with a vengence with my new year's resolve, and by day...uh, 5ish...it's not looking so pretty.

It's to the point that two years ago, I made the resolution of not making a resolution...and I can't remember what my resolution was for 2011.  Yikes. Nice one, Tam.

A part of me wants to scoff at the New Year's Resolution tradition and name it "hopeless"...but it's the hidden optimist in me that keeps making them.  So, 2012, we're giving it another go.

I've made three...and the cliche and vagueness of each is less than classy.  But my first one isn't so much of a "good idea" as it is a complete necessity.

To quote my brother-in-law, Matt, "The story goes something like this"...

About 2 months ago, I found myself standing in our local sporting goods store staring at some 8 lb. hand weights.  I wasn't sure how heavy of a weight I wanted to buy, so I decided that the green colored hand weights would look really cute sitting next to my tennis shoes.  With that, I picked up one of the weights and at the same time, the remaining weights in the rack rolled forward as they were meant to do.

"Oh wow...that's heavier than I thought it was going to be"...so with that, I decided to opt for the 4 lb weights instead.  However, when I tried to put my 8 lb weight back, it meant that I had to push the weights back that had rolled forward to make room for the weight I was holding.  No problem, right?

It was about that point when I found myself calling for assistance from an employee, as my arms are soooo weak, that any pride I had, hit the ground, crawled away, and didn't claim me as it's owner.  This guy helping me, effortlessly pushed the weight I was holding back onto the rack and trying to hold back his laughing said, "Maybe you should buy these weights".  I couldn't help but laugh at how pathetic my weak arms were looking to him and I just said, "Yeah.  I think you're right".  He winked and said, "Don't worry, I can carry these to the front for you!"

So my first resolution?

Get fit in 2012.
What are your resolutions?!


leah said...

bahhahaha!! i'm SOOO glad to have you back...you are my first smile of the day!

LOVE this story! you are hilarious!

Mindy said...

SOOO funny!

I haven't thought far enough to actually make a resolution. BUT I'm trying out some new classes at the gym to hopefully work out more than once every few months. I'd like to exercise regularly until our baby comes home. We'll see how it goes... :)

Carmen Okhmatovski said...

that is so hilarious!

Rebekah said...

I hope the guy rolled them to your car for you too! haha!

so glad to see you post again!

leisle deisle said...

tam, you make me laugh :)

hmmm... new years resolutions... usually i make lots but i haven't even made one which makes me think, "what has africa done to me?!!!"

so anyway, the one i'm going with for now is to travel to at least one country i've never been to before. since i'm in a different part the world than normal that shouldn't be TOO difficult.

smw said...

i never make them. i just can't see how the first day of the new year is any different than any other day of the year as far as doing something. but with that said, i decided a day or two before the 1st that i was going to try to do more exercising. not putting amounts on this blog to preserve my pride. :)

Tami said...

It's so fun to read your resolutions and non-resolutions! I think it's funny that back in the day, I was super specific, but the older I get the more general my goal is! :) I think I'm probably being more realistic?

Amber said...

So you may have made me giggle. : ) Kind of reminds me of a story regarding knee pads . . .

just saying. : )

Jackie B said...

Amber, I was thinking the same thing!!!!Tam, you make me laugh!

Tami said...

Amb and Jacks, trust me, I thought the same thing too! What's with me in sporting goods stores making an idiot of myself? Ugh. :(

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