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A picture is worth a thousand words...
or just one...Instagram.

Currently, my favorite app...I'd highly recommend it. :)

You've seen my pictures! Now I want to see yours!



emilykate said...

I always love seeing our pictures on my Instagram and agree it's a great app!

leah said...

aw this is so fun! esp like those two in the left hand corner...what a good lookin' pair! :)

sorry we didn't catch each other this weekend...excited to see you soon friend!

heidi said...

Love instagram!!!

megs @ whadusay said...

how do you post your instagram pics on your blog?

Tami said...

You can either email the pictures to yourself and post them that way, or all I did for this post was take a screen shot of where all my pictures are kept in Instagram and posted that!

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