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Paying it forward... {Part II}

W.O.W!!!!!  Personally, that may have been the funnest day of blogging for me that I've had!!! It was sooooo fun to read the comments left on Erin's blog and I just REALLY wanted to say thank you to each person who took the time to leave Erin a comment!!  I know it touched her heart and it did mine as well! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

From Erin...
My prayer for all of you who stopped and took the time to encourage me is that today you would feel the overwhelming peace and humbleness that I felt through your ministry to me. Tami, Thank You for using your blog to minister to me and so many others. God used not only you but each person that took the time to comment in such a mighty way. Praise Him for working in ways that so far above and beyond our expectations. I love you and Praise God for each and everyone of you!
Love and Blessings from Jamaica!

    This morning I went down and had my kids pick a name from those who commented. My kids thought it was the greatest thing to hold all the cards out and pick one. I sent a picture of this first one chosen. Everyone was a winner in my kids eyes though as they continued to take turns each picking a slip of paper, getting all excited and running up to show me the name they had drawn from the pile:D. Praise God for simple things that bring us Joy!
     Have a great weekend. Keep looking up and smiling HUGE because God is always in complete control and I love you.
                      Be blessed and be a blessing

"Busy Mom"...I'll get that prize to you, from Erin! :)

What a fun way to end out this week! Happy Friday everyone!!


Pam said...

I'm a little late to the party, but this was a really special post/idea. You're a special lady Tami and I know Erin was blessed by it.

Love you and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Aunt Pam

leah said...

aw, that is so sweet! :)

heidi said...

So great!!

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