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I already liked her...we hadn't even met, but I liked her.  I get to shoot Brian and Sarah's wedding this coming fall, and when I asked her the style of her wedding, I was so excited when she sent me a link!  What a brilliant idea!! Sarah had created a board on pintrest of all her wedding ideas.

I have to tell you, this was so fun for me...not just as a curious girl who loves to hear wedding details, but as a vendor for her wedding day!  It's given me a real feel for her day and has gotten the wheels in my head turning of things we can do with pictures.  

I loved this idea so much that I asked Sarah if I could blog about it and share the link to her board on pintrest!  So, check out her beautiful ideas...and yes, I know I'm lucky that I get to be her photographer!!!

Click here for Sarah's board:

I've also added a "Pin It" button to the bottom of my posts, so it makes it easier to pin things directly from this blog!

Happy Pinning!


leah said...

what i neat idea for you to be able to see this before hand!

it's all so neat! can't wait to see the wedding!

emilykate said...

Fun! She knew what she was doing when selecting you as her photographer!

leisle deisle said...

i like this girl too!

heidi said...

Very fun! Her pins are so fun and cute!

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