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So long! Farewell!

Of this, I am confident.  I mean seriously people...I've got references.  If this was an Olympic sport, I'm pretty sure I'd medal.
This girl knows how to road-trip.  

By time you read this, I will be well on my way to a last-minute get-a-way...and excited is just the baby child of the emotion I am feeling. ...Baby child?! I'm not sure that's a phrase...but I guess it is now! 'Cause that's just how super pumped I am about this trip!!! Wow...suddenly I'm feeling very 90's with all my word choices.

So, "Where are you going?"you ask? I'll give you three clues:
1. On March 3rd, it will be 167 years old.
2. The phrase, "Cool as a Cucumber" originated from this place.
3. Ray Charles began his career here.
I know. You're thinking, "Does she seriously need ALL those snacks?" and the answer is abso-lutely yes. Hey now, I said I'm good at road-tripping...I didn't say I lose weight in the process. :)  You've got to have your sweet, salty, crunch, chewy...and yes, I did break into the ginger snaps...no worries.  They're good. :)  I'll leave the healthy snacks up to my traveling buddy!

Happy friday and weekend!!! 
See you on the flip-side.


leah said...

what? you aren't going to tell us? you are going to make us google all those clues....oh you!

sounds like a blast--love your mustache bag, boots, the whole get-up!

love you--HAVE FUN!

Daveana said...

Tami! Love the mustache bag. It's super cute! I for one would love to be in a car ride with you! :) Or for that matter going to the same state as you! Hope you have a fabulous trip! Can't wait to see your fun pictures!

alisonsutter said...

jeeeeaaaaalllllous. how many readers googled "origin of cool as a cucumber"? haha, have a great trip tam!

leisle deisle said...

grrr... :)

megs @ whadusay said...

Hope you all are having an awesome time in the Sun!!!

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