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Warren + Rachel {Wedding}

I was going over some old posts today and realized that there are several weddings from 2011 that I did "Sneak Peeks" for but never did a full post on that day.  It's a cryin' shame as I'm sure someone from my Oklahoma days would have said!!  Each of these weddings deserve a full post as they were unique and beautiful!!

You may remember the sneak peek I did of Warren and Rachel's wedding here

Their mutual friends were getting married. He was an usher...she, the maid of honor.  They were strategically seated near each other during the rehearsal dinner...the conversation, led to a connection, which led to Starbucks after the wedding...and the rest, as they say, is history.  Oh Starbucks...you have a way with love.

I had the recurring thought throughout their day, that they not only make a good pair, but a good team.  Both Warren and Rachel had lived a lot of life before meeting eachother...separate life experiences...but I watched them.  There was something in their pasts that, I could tell, made their present that much more treasured.  Meaningful.  Meaning-filled.  It was a fun day, but it was also a very important day.  They were making promises they intended to keep.  And it was felt...and I loved it.

Warren and Rachel chose to do a "first look" which, as you know, I LOVE.  It's always such a special and private moment...and they're free to react however they want...
And we get moments like these...

Ooooooohhhh Rachel.  You are that timeless beauty! Just look at you.

Taking a moment to relax with her bridesmaids before the wedding...

 They each took turns praying for Rachel.
 A big thanks to Bethany Baptist Church for always being very gracious whenever I've shot there! 

 I was LOVING the wall of windows providing such BEAUTIFUL natural light to the banquet hall at the Wildlife Prarie Park.

Brandon gave what was probably the funniest best man toast I have EVER heard!!!
What a great day! It brings back a lot of fun memories just looking through these pictures!!!  My love to you... TP


Carmen O said...

I thought, "Warren…The only other person I know with that name is Kent and Janelle's…oh, nevermind."

These are really exquisite, Tam. When Vlad and I do our second wedding, I'm deffo hiring you to do the photos. Love them!

leah said...

this are great! they look so happy! you captured their day so well!

Emilia Jane said...

Ohhh Tami. These are heart happy :-)

smw said...

i just said to my mom minutes ago that so often i don't get to see more than the sneak peaks of your shoots, and i want to. so yippee!! :)

these are great, as ever, and her hair is fabulous.

heidi said...

I agree with Shar, love her hair! Great job once again!

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