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Taking a moment to update and just "chat"...

WARNING: This post is going to be random...because I've missed blogging just for the sake of blogging, and I'm taking liberties today to do just that.  Hence, all my thoughts are going to come pouring out in one big beautiful disaster. :) But it's all fair, 'cause I warned you, right? Yeah, let's go with that.

1. 30 Day Vlog Challenge: Several of you have asked why I didn't finish the vlog challenge.  And uh, most of you haven't noticed that I didn't! Haha! They were actually taped, but I didn't like them, so I held off on them, and now I'm just trying to muster up any kind of will power to willingly stand in front of a camera and talk.  If you know me at all, you know that cameras intimidate me. :) However, they were popular by enough people, that I'm going to keep vlogging on a somewhat consistent basis...with several "guests" lined up.  It should be fun! And yes, there will be more cooking demos by my sisters!

2. During my Vlog challenge, I challenged YOU to a 30 Day "Get 'er Done!" Challenge! Okay, so that's not what I called it, but that's what if felt like as a friend of mine and I accepted the challenge and have been keeping each other accountable for the past 30 days.  How'd it go?! Anyone care to share?! I have to say, ours went splendidly...I won't go into the details because it was asked to be kept a secret in the beginning...but let me just say, we both met our goal, and it was such a fun excuse to keep in contact with one of my very favorite people!! I may have to extend another challenge to her...you know, 'cause I like to force people into staying in touch with me, like that! ;)

3. While I'm on the topic of vlogging, I'm going to the answer the questions, "What did you learn from vlogging?" I learned that:

  • I think I kind of lisp!  It's the strangest thing...I thought it was because I was wearing my retainer one day, but it turns out that I have a bit of a lisp.  Nothing like going your whole life never being told that and then saying to a friend, "Did you know I had a lisp?" and her just saying, "Yeah...but it's cute". ?!?!?!
  • I prefer blogging.  My love language is blogging.  Well, technically, it's quality time...but blogging is kind of where I lay it all out there.  It's really difficult to do that and a bit awkward with a one-eyed lens staring back at you.  So, as good as vlogging was/is for me, I'll always come back to writing.
  • ...there's no photoshop in videos...which is a good thing.  Like I said, being on the other side of the lens can make me sweat.  In fact, this past weekend, a group of us were at a zoo, and there was that moment when you first walk in and the photographer snaps a picture in order to sell you a print at the end.  You've all been there...not a big deal, right?  I'm not sure, but I suddenly got really nervous. I didn't even know why...so needless to say, the challenge was good in forcing me to just be and let go.  Apparently, from the zoo experience, that's still a lesson in progress.
  • Little kids love videos.  I created more little fans with the vlogs than I did with adults! Sooo fun!! That was really an unexpected perk to the whole challenge!
4. "Someone" (who will remain nameless) said to me, "I think if people like you by your blog, they'd like you even better in person.  You're a lot more intelligent in person." Haha!! I thought it was hilarious!! And I realized, they are completely right...not that I'm super intelligent...AT ALL!!!  "Intelligent" isn't even probably the right word...but their point (which is very true) is that I write about all the funny and crazy areas of my life.  I rarely write about the more "serious" side of me...like the fact that I am very passionate about politics and was headed in the direction of working in the political realm, until my mom passed away and my goals kind of changed.  I never mention the side of me that I LOVE classical, jazz, and opera music...and if there's any form of art that touches me or inspires me the most, it's probably classical music.  In the past year or so, I've hesitated writing about spiritual lessons I'm learning, because it's not necessarily considered in good taste to mix that with business.  However, as she was pointing out (and I'm so glad she did!!!), is that there's freedom in sharing all those things, if they are such a large part of what makes me "me".  In college, I made a conscious effort to hide some of those things about me, because they set me apart and were areas in my life that my friends didn't really relate to...but being at a different place in my life, that's changing.  So, this may draw people in or repel...I don't know.  But she was giving me the permission to share all of me, not just the side I think people can relate to.  I have NO intentions of making my blog a controversial battleground...whatsoever!! I just wanted to share that side and that I will probably be showing the other side a little more now from time to time. :)

Wow! LONG post.  But since I know pictures make all posts more interesting, here's one from this past Tuesday where us girls went to a local Irish restaurant, Maggie Miley's...good night with great friends.
...Happy Weekend!


Daveana said...

Love this Tami! I also am a big fan of classical music. Huge fan actually! :) Miss the vlogs! I loved seeing you everyday! :) I love 'random' posts because I feel like you learn all these little tidbits about the blogger.

alisonsutter said...

Love. You. And I completed my challenge! The flower bed is finished...now if I could just remember to water it...

Rebekah said...

So glad we are going to get to see my smart Tami! Haha! You were kind to keep me anonymous...leave it to me to be so blunt right?

Love ya!

smw said...

Just so you know, I noticed how you didn't finish the vlogs. Kept hopin' they were still coming. :)

Daish said...

Oh Tam. Let's just say that there is no forcing going on here! I had the same thought. How sweet of you to say I met my goal;) I fell short... I love you, and I was very aware you quit your blog before 30 days. Excited to see more!

Amanda Miller said...

I totally noticed that you weren't doing the vlogs because I LOVED them! I really do hope you continue to incorporate them some how. :)

heidi said...

Good post! And I am glad we have sisters with so much wisdom. I agree with Bek, if people like your blog, they would LOVE you! :) Your blog is pretty great, but you are way greater!

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