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Hero of the Month: Kanch

It was about the moment when I looked over to see my little niece getting ready to toss him in the air, and finding myself running to catch him...somewhere around the lecture I gave her on kittens being delicate and how she needs to treat him like a little baby and her her saying, "Okay Tami...I'm sorry Tami"...that I realized, this little kitten had definitely earned his place as Hero of the Month.

A little while ago, my sister and brother-in-law's family's cat had 4 kittens;  two gray, 1 black, and 1 white, which they named, Kanch.  Of course, Kanch, being all white, has become their favorite...which also means he gets "loved on" (aka...squeezed, dropped, held, put in bicycle baskets for rides, smothered, and kissed) the most.

I'm definitely more of a "dog lover" than a cat person...but I find myself running to the aid of this little guy on a somewhat daily basis and have developed an odd sense of respect for his patience he's shown towards the kids.

Granted, he's still a kitten, so the PTSD that may come from all the handling he gets now may catch up to him at some point, but it actually seems that he's turning out to be a really laid back little guy.  It's been so fun getting to watch my little nieces and nephews with their little kittens...and so as an aunt who hopes Kanch never meets his psychological breaking point, but instead keeps letting the kids love on him, I couldn't help but name him hero of the month...Oh, to have the patience of Job...or uh, Kanch. :)


smw said...

so cute. :)

Emilia Jane said...


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Amanda Miller said...

He is soooo cute!!!

heidi said...

THAT'S SO CUTE!! I love his name too!!

Carmen said...

that is a beautiful photo! such a cute little kitten, too.

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