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I think my heart was beating in my fingertips 
from nerves when they asked if I'd take their pictures.  
In fact, I think I may have said something like, 
"What?! Are you being serious? Uh...that makes me REALLY nervous! 
I don't really think I want to." 
It's probably what a surgeon feels like when one of their colleagues asks them to operate on them...in a not-as-life-threatening and less-important kinda of way of course. :) Ha! 

Somehow...I agreed to the shoot, and I'll be honest, I was nervous all the way up to the first click of the camera.

Taryn and Kristi are the owners and photographers of Imagine Artists and they're in the process of rebuilding their website and they needed some new pictures.  When we met for a consult meeting, I looked around their studio and at their pictures.  "Bright"..."Colorful"..."Energetic"...those are the words that come to mind when I think of them and their business.  It was important to me that we find a way to bring the best of them and yet stay true to my "style" as I did their shoot...and the collaboration was so much easier than I had imagined. :)

We shot in Taryn's parent's back yard...her mother has a beautiful yard, and it offered the perfect backdrop for their brand!! 

 The Imagine Artists team...Ashley, Kristi, and Taryn.
They have these vintage cameras displayed in their studio, and I just LOVED that they brought them and how we got to work them into the shoot!
Kristi and Taryn have a great working chemestry...it was super important to capture that!
This may be my favorite from the shoot, 'cause to me, this is Imgaine Artists...
They have super fun style!
I think Taryn looks so cute here!  I told Taryn that I think of her curly hair as her "thing", and I think it just fits her so well!
Loved these cameras!
Kristi was nervous that she isn't photogenic.  Um, I'm really not sure what she was worried about at all! She was so fun and a complete breeze to shoot!

 It took some effort getting this picture...right girls? Haha!...but it was well worth it!!
Taryn + Kristi...
Thanks for honoring me by trusting me with this shoot and for pushing me out of my comfort zone.  I was so excited with how the pictures turned out, and I've just loved getting to work closer with you two  in the past couple months.  It's good to push through and learn this business together!



leah said...

wow--these are so good! they are so 'you' and so 'them' at the same time! great job tam! and IA--you girls are adorable!

Abi said...

Tami, these pics are so darling and totally capture both Taryn and Kristi! Kristi, you are so photogenic and I don't know why you're always so worried about having your pics taken. :) You're both gorgeous!

Emilia Jane said...

So cute!!!

heidi said...

Awesome job!!!

Heather said...

They turned out BEAUTIFUL, Tami! Not that I ever doubted though! I love what Leah said, they ARE so 'you' AND so 'them'! And T & K, you both are gorgeous!

alisonsutter said...


Amanda Miller said...

Love the energy in these!

smw said...

awesome as always!! :)

Rebekah said...

Great job tam!

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