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Bryce + Emily {Wedding}

You may remember Bryce + Emily's engagement sessions...So recently, we got to shoot their wedding and watch them exchange their vows and first kiss ever! It was such a sweet day, and who better to tell you about than Emily...
From Emily... 
Someone said it was time for the ‘First Look’. I was really looking forward to this because I hadn’t see Bryce since the day before and yeah…. I missed him:)
It was funny when I first started walking down the steps to go see him: I was told he was ready,… but when I started walking out, Tami and her assistant were like, “no! wait! Go back! he’s not here yet :)” Hehe. So I went back in and then we realized they were locked outside :) Whoops!
So, finally, it was time to do the first look… It was so special, to walk outside, and have his back turned to me, he was all dressed up in his black coat and pants, and white vest and light purple shirt… I came up behind him and just hugged him…and then he turned around and saw me for the first time that day and in my dress… “Wow!” :) and he smiled that wonderful smile of his :) And I got a great bear hug! 

The rest of the pictures were very fun and sweet and we were eager to get things moving so we could do the kissing pictures later!

Pictures with the families and wedding party were great! Tami was so patient in making sure everyone was standing where they needed to, that they were looking the right direction, and keeping the kiddos attention. It was wonderful to have all the families together and be able to take good pictures. The wedding party photos were great. The guys looked very sharp in their purple vests and ties and the girls looked gorgeous in their little black dresses. We definitely had a great group of friends backing us up throughout the day :) They would do anything for us and we would do anything for them .

We girls had a lot of fun hanging out in the dressing room. I loved watching my sisters and cousins get all excited about being dressed up and grown up in their pretty dresses. I was so happy I picked the girls I picked to stand up with me at the wedding.  These girls, women really , are the absolute best. I Love them so much.

Then it was time to go hide away in our dressing rooms before the wedding started, so as not to be seen by the guests. Bryce’s sister Caryn got all of the girls together and they gathered around me and prayed over me and Bryce and I’s marriage. It was a very touching very emotional moment.
 And 3 o’clock came! Time to start! Dad stood with me in the hallway and we talked. “are you nervous?” He asked. “More excited than nervous.” :)
When Dad and I walked down the aisle together, I held onto his strong arm tight. This was the last time I would fully rely on him to lead me and protect me: it was Bryce’s fully responsibility now.
As I walked down, it was wonderful to look over the audience and see the familiar faces of friends and family that I have known all my life, as well as the new friends I’ve made in the last couple years. To have them there, sharing in Bryce and I’s special day was precious.
 And then I would look up and so Bryce, my groom, my very very soon to be husband, watching me, smiling that smile, his eyes sparkling, pure joy just oozing all over him.
 And my parents gave me away. I hugged Dad tightly and whispered, “I Love You!” and he gave Bryce a hug. 
There we stood, hand in hand, before God and all of our friends and family, getting married!!!!

Bryce doing the ‘Resolution” was absolutely the most serious, touching, amazing moment of the wedding! Him making the public commitment to God and to me and our family, and gathering with his best friends, his prayer warriors, his encouragers, the iron that sharpens the iron around him was awesome.
 The vows were special, we wrote them like letters to each other, just pouring our hearts out to the other, promising to love each other now matter what, respect the other, and be committed to God in everything.

 And then it was time for the kiss.. the long awaited kiss… the one I’d waited 20 years for! Totally worth the wait!
And we were husband and wife!

“Walkin’ on Sunshine” played as we walked out of the sanctuary, we rounded the corner and he kissed me again! :)
We got back to the church and took pictures of us kissing and then with the whole wedding party and then it was off to the reception.
Having the reception at the Forman Center was the best idea. For an old gym, it decorated and transformed into a reception hall very nicely. 

It was fun to visit with people and reconnect and just share our joy with them. 

Dancing was a blast and the truck being decorated with Precision Planting parts was hilarious.
The good-byes after the party were bittersweet, but it was exciting to be leaving together, to start our life together.
Bryce + Emily...
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day! I was impressed with how you made an effort to emphasize the importance of your vows! Congratulations to you...so excited for your future!



leah said...

wow, they seem like such a sweet couple! great pictures tami!

Rebekah said...

Great job tam!! The images are lovely!

heidi said...

What a neat sounding couple!!!
Great pictures Tam!!!

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