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Confessions may be "good for the soul"...

...but not always the reputation! :)

I'm not sure what made me think of this story, but I laughed...OUT LOUD...in remembering it.  And then I had one of those full-circle moments where you remember thinking, "I hope I can laugh about this some day" and knowing that someday was today.

As you know, I was homeschooled for most of my schooling, but during my Jr. and Sr. year, I attended a local private Christian school for half days.  Let me just say, it's a little unnerving and uncomfortable to join a class of 16 (ish ?) kids who had known each other their entire life.  I know that "the new girl" is supposed to have some temporary advantage in the coolness factor, but if I ever had it...it was fleeting! I was quiet and wasn't there long enough to really make tight bonds with those in my class.

 Well, one morning, before leaving for school, I ran out to feed our dog and I was wearing a pair of chunky heeled pilgrim looking shoes.  We had a Great Paranese dog at the time (they look like white St. Bernards...very large dogs) and I didn't think anything of it.  I had two classes back to back in the same room and as I sat at my desk,  I'd rest my feet with the chunky heels on this metal bar under my seat as we'd discuss A Tale of Two Cities.  I remember thinking the room had a somewhat disturbing smell, but let the thought pass as quickly as it came.

The bell rang and as everyone left the room I had to talk to my teacher.  I was at the front of the room talking to her when the next class was coming in and a boy that I had a little crush on said, "What the heck is that?!?!" I can still see my teacher's really red lips as she said in her southern drawl, "Is. That. What. I. Think. It. Is?!?!...I believe that's a pile of manure under that chair."

It was as if all the voices in the room muffled and time slowed to half-speed as I turned around and saw the "pile" was under my desk...and I'm not exaggerating when I say pile.  Big chunky heels + big dog...you do the math.  My face got red hot and I couldn't decide if I'd rather shrivel up to the size of an ant or run out of the room and never come back.  Considering that neither one was an option, I quickly "had to go to my locker" only to realize that the news had already made it to the halls.

Let's just say, class was cancelled as the janitor had to come in and clean up the "mess"...some declaring it the "most awesome prank ever" while others naming it the "most disgusting", the majority siding with the latter.

To this day, I don't know who knew it was me, and who didn't...but today, it made me laugh!! A lot!! Oh man...You wouldn't think I could forget that story, but I'm afraid that's just one in full arsenal of "embarrassing moment" stories I carry.  I guess I'd hate for you to think I had it all together. :)


Amanda Miller said...

Aww, i love it!!! Thanks for the giggle this morning! :)

leah said...

oh this is hilarious. tami, you are too funny! and such a great story teller!

Rebekah said...

I am laughing out loud about this again!! I can't belive you forgot about this either! You could seriously write a bathroom reader just about your embaressing moments...nobody would want to leave the bathroom they would be in such stitches reading about them all!!

Tami said...

Haha! Thanks girls...and Rebekah, you're right. That's why I always say I'd write a bathroom reader 'cause my stories aren't coffee-table appropriate, but somehow very fitting for the back of a toilet. :)

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!! Mine wasn't quite the pile you had ~ but I didn't have clunky shoes on though either;o) Mine happened to be cow poop, on the night I graduated high school. I realized it 10 minutes before the graduation ceremony! Yeah, that's an awkward conversation ~ Me: "Teacher, I need to go to the bathroom." Teacher: "You're about to go in. Can it wait?" Me: "I have cow poop on my shoes." Teacher: looks down, gives awkward expression, and says "go, just make it quick!" I also never figured out who knew and who didn't. Good to know there's another pair of poop carrying shoes out there! Thanks for the laugh!


Anonymous said...

Such a funny story:). I think I may be an accomplice in some of your other cringe worthy stories....I'm still a bit leery of getting on a riding mower. Haha

smw said...


Kasey said...

Oh Tami! I can't believe I've never heard this story. Just when I thought you couldn't possibly top the "knee-pads." You had me crying on this one. Love you girl!

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