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Well, I do love Nemo

Yesterday, I had chosen Panera as my office for the day...they have this new option for a fountain drink, where you can get iced coffee.  It has officially made my new favorite things list.  I feel like I did when we'd go to Shoney's all-you-can-eat buffet with my grandparents and I discovered there was an ice cream bar...kind of unbelievably amazing.

As I was pouring in some half & half into my coffee, this lady that looked to be in her mid 70's said in the the most excited voice,
"I'm soooo delighted to see you using half & half! Oooooh! It's just good to see.  You know, young people don't really use half & half these days." 
"Really? Haha...well, I'm afraid I like milk in my iced coffee, and it was either this or skim, and the choice just seemed obvious to me! ;)"  
"I completely agree, dear!! All those other people are into that non-fat-soy stuff...you just made my day!"

...I was still laughing to myself about that exchange as I went back to my seat only to notice she and her husband were at the table next to me.  They seemed to be having a very business-like "meeting" over what I assumed was a budget until I heard...

Her: So, now we're onto the issue of coupons.  Now dear, we have that movie ticket that Tom gave us that we really should use this weekend.
Him: Well, I do love...ugh...what's that crazy blue fish, dear?.....Neto?...
Her: Oh, Nemo?
Him: Yeah. (laughing)...ooooooh man, she makes me laugh!  We should see what theatre that's playing in.
Her:  Well, honey, I wouldn't think they would be playing that movie in the theatre anymore.
Him: Really?  Well that's strange.
Her: Not really.
Him: Well, I do love that little guy with the wooden nose....you know, the puppet...
Her: Pinocchio?

Oh dear.

I was doing everything within my power not to jump into their conversation and ask if I could hang out with them this weekend!!

Well I don't know what "Dear" and "Honey" are going to end up doing, but I can't help but wish I could be a part.  They make getting older look rather delightful. 

Hope you have a good weekend!! 


leah said...

behehehee. this is so adorably hilarious. :D

you tell a good story tam!

Miranda said...

so funny! Only the best are at Panera ;)

Abi said...

I love old people! This is the very reason why my job at the nursing home was so delightful! :)

heidi said...

So cute!

Daveana said...

AH, HAHA, Soooo cute! Thanks for sharing. Made my night!

Rebekah said...

This was so great Tam!!! Hahaha!! I wish I could b with u when u have these great moments with funny folks! I hope somebody tells them Nemo IS in theaters right now in 3D!! Haha

Christen Leigh said...

Seriously so funny and cute!

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