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Brian + Sarah {Wedding}

I remember sitting in Panera with Brian + Sarah...and I almost wanted to do a jig when she told me about her details...I LOVE attention to details at a wedding.  The combination of class and rustic was perfect.

But I think the memory that sticks with me through the day was how Brian looked at her.  They did a first look, and it may have been one of the sweetest first looks I've seen...and then again, when she walked down the isle.  Girls dream of getting looks like the ones he gave her.  I couldn't be more thrilled for these two...and more honored to have been a part of their day.

Who could talk about the day better than the bride, so here's it is, from Sarah...
We are still reveling about how perfect everything was.   It was a day we had waited for for a long time and even from the day after our engagement and our initial conversations about the wedding, Brian and I had the very same ideas for what our wedding would be like.

 Waking up to a crisp, sunny, beautiful day was just the first of many blessings of the weekend.  

 We chose to have only our sisters and their husbands in our wedding and it was the right decision for us.  Spending that perfect fall morning getting ready with them was a special time. 

 SIDE NOTE from Tami (me!)...This picture on the left was taken without the two of them seeing eachother...it took some closing eyes and backing up, but it was fun to do!!
And this is why I LOVE it when my couples do First Looks...

Sarah: We love our church, it is beautiful!  We had ideal settings for our pictures with the church along with the quaint brick streets and Victorian houses in the neighborhood around the church.  

 The beautiful day continued with our ceremony.  It was a sentimental ceremony, with wonderful music, words of wisdom from our mom's and vows we wrote.  It left an indelible mark on us.  

 True to our small town, agrarian roots, we wanted to celebrate our marriage with a small town reception.  Willett's Winery was a perfect place for us.  We loved the vintage feel of the winery and thoroughly enjoyed our appetizer and wine reception.  

Throughout the reception, anticipation built - when was the dessert room going to open?  After we cut the cake, the dessert room opened and we had a fun time with our family and friends sampling all the wonderful sweets!

 Our wedding day was beautiful from start to finish.  We could not have had a better day to start our marriage and our life together.  We shared our joy with many wonderful friends and celebrated in a style that was unique to us - exactly what we'd been envisioning for many years prior to even meeting each other.
Brian + Sarah...
You two were amazing...and your day was absolutely stunning.  I wish you the absolute best in your life and sooo thankful to consider you both my friends.  Here's to you and a wonderful coming year!!!



smw said...

awesome as always.

alisonsutter said...

Wow, I really liked this post! And of course, amazing photos.

Anonymous said...

beautiful details, beautiful pictures

Anonymous said...

This was beautiful, thanks. Every time I look at the pictures I realize all the detail in their planning. It was an amazing day and we feel very lucky to have our family grow with such wonderful people. Its been an honor to get to know Sarah and her family....mother of the groom Gloria

Meredith Sledge said...

Love the shots of the dress! The shot on the right is amazing!!

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